Doctor Who:The Story Details For Anti-Genesis Has Been Revealed.

Yes, The Story Details have been revealed for the Fourth Series of “Doctor Who”

Well, As you all Know Only The Master can Defeat a Master. Big Finish has revealed some important news last week. It reveals the news due to its following audiobook “Doctor Who Unbound”. Along with it, The Unbound Master will appear opposite Derek Jacobi in the upcoming Audiobook Box “The War Master: Antigenesis”.

Doctor Who
Doctor Who

So the details that Big Finish did reveal give us the clue to predict what will happen in the fourth series. Sie Darek Jacobi and Master Gattis will have a fierce battle between them this December. Well, the series doctor who has gained more popularity from its first episode.

The fourth series will have more mysteries than ever, and this part will also be interesting and amazing than previous ones. The series will have the kind of events that will crave you to watch it even more. you will have the feeling that you want to watch the next episode now, But the episode will not be releasing soon.

Well, we can predict one thing about Master Antigenesis that he will try to change the whole history for his big cruel intentions. We do know this due to the opening Description, Title, and The Cover. The War Mater Antigenesis is the title of this part.

From the look of the cover, we do know the important key of the fourth series of Doctor Who. We know that the master will have the power to change the past, so he can do anything possible. He can even be Immortal for his Lifetime. But the Question arising between “Doctor Who” Fans is How Will Doctor Who Defeat “The War Master: Antigenesis”.

From looking at things we know that he is going back to Genesis of the Daleks. We also Know that Narvin is going to play an important key role in the fourth series of “Doctor Who”. Narvin is such a brilliant character that the Big Finish has given us. We can assure you that the greatest scheme of Warmaster will begin with his own death.

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