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“Do I see you under my tree today?”: Caeli falls in love with her fans with bold Christmas attire (PHOTO)

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This 2019, Caeli He spent one of his worst moments, however, little by little he has been recovering, just as he promised his fans.

The youtuber has returned to his Instagram, where he has more than nine million followers and shares photos of his day to day, with a touch of coquetry.

On this occasion, Caeli shared a very Christmas photo, who loved and fell in love with more than one in the social network, since He wears a minidress and a santa hat, apart some long socks.

Their fans They reacted immediately and filled the snapshot with more than 559 thousand likes, as well as 37 thousand comments, such as: “I stopped with your beauty”, “What are you doing in Los Angeles? You should be under my Christmas tree ”and“ Do I see you under my tree today? ”.

Similarly, he shared a video with his puppies and the same suit, which was also a success among his fans.

A few months ago, Caeli She was involved in a controversy when she revealed that a group of people, whom she considered her friends, tried to drug her and perhaps sexually abuse her.

Although he didn't say name, the youtuber Yao Cabrera the attack was awarded and lashed out at her, so the influencer It was missing in their networks for a while.

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