Disenchantment Season 2 Netflix: Trailer, Release date, Latest Information

Disenchantment Season 2 Netflix: Trailer, Release date, Latest Information

After making a massive success in its first season, Disenchantment is now coming up with a new Avatar and will be back on air on Netflix for season 2 on September 2019. The upcoming season of the show is going to break the records with a series of multiple episodes. Being released in August 2018 Disenchantment was one of the most significant projects of Netflix by Matt Groening.

Disenchantment Season 2
Disenchantment Season 2

The storyline of the show revolves around the medieval times whereas one can easily watch out some crossovers with Futurama in the upcoming season. How can one forget following Beane looking forward to breaking down from her princess? Moreover, riding on the adventures with a half-elf named Elfo and demon Luci will also be great fun.

The previous season was surely not the best one as per critics’ point of view but has gone a great way in terms of faring people. The trailers of the Disenchantment Season 2 were released on the various sources early in September 2019, and that is the reason why people eagerly have started waiting for it.

If we go with the reviews, the upcoming story of Disenchantment might be a sequel of the first series which was particularly ended with the freezing of Dreamland and the kidnap of Beane to a foreign land by her mother and Luci.


People are excited about what going to be the next, and the burden on Matt Groening’s shoulders even have become more massive due to expectations of the viewers.

In an interview, Matt Groening has depicted that he is very excited about the start of this new journey on Netflix. It is not always about the main characters, but in fact, the main storyline of the show also includes various things that include the many secrets of the universe.

With the consistency of fantastic talent from Disenchantment part 2, you can watch out Abbie Jacobson playing the role of Beane, Sharon Horgan as Queen Dagmar, John DiMaggio as King Zog, Eric Andre as Luci, Tress MacNeille as Queen Oona, Matt Berry as Prince Merkimer, Lucky Montgomery as Buty, David Herman as the Herland and various others in the same characters as well.

So, get ready for the ride with more cranked-up suspense, thrilling plot twists and knockdown of beloved characters on Netflix as Disenchantment Season 2 is going to be there on Netflix from September 20, 2019.

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