Digimon Adventure premieres the new evolution of Palmon in the Mexican style

The remake 20th anniversary of Digimon Adventure it will soon be launched in a great new arc. Here, the DigiDestined will face the dark threats of Millenniumon, and one of the big surprises of this arc is finally seeing the Mega Evolutions for fellow Digimon in action.

But while the anime series Most recent of episodes has been more episodic, since they represent the calm before the next storm, the newest episode of the series managed to surprise with an evolution never seen before.

The episode 43 Digimon Adventure saw two new additions, Etemon and Volcamon, using their abilities to defeat each other and their combined efforts sent shockwaves through the rest of the forest.

Ponchomon debuta en Digimon Adventure

These sound waves impacted Palmon in such a strange way that he did not evolve to Togemon, but instead evolved into a ghost cactus like Digimon, Ponchomon. The episode saw a lot of comic effects on partner Digimon, as Etemon and Volcamon’s sound-based abilities had strange impacts.

Palmon vines and flowers continued to grow to extreme heights, and this was pushed to the extreme until Palmon evolved into this strange new evolution. Using the power of rhythm (and a well-placed tequila knuckle attack), Ponchomon was able to save the day.

Foto: Toei Animation (Digimon Adventure 2020)

This isn’t the first spin-off evolution we’ve seen for partner Digimon in this reboot series, and it’s not even the first Digi-Egg-based evolution that we saw either, but it came as a surprise to many fans who really didn’t.

Due to his name and clothing, some Mexican followers did not take long to understand the references in Ponchomon. The Truth News reminds you that you can watch Digimon Adventure from the platform Crunchyroll.

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