Digimon Adventure: 21 years ago the journey into the digital world began

Among the series that have helped to accompany the childhood of thousands of fans for an entire generation, it stands out above all Digimon Adventure. The first adventure of the digiprescelti, in fact, began way back in 1999 when, for a series of events, the summer camp of 7 children turned into an unforgettable journey.

And it's amazing how 21 years later the franchise continues to collect impressive success, thanks to a winning merchandising and numerous themed events occasionally organized by the staff. Despite some stumbling blocks caused by some TV series particularly below expectations, also thanks to some merchandising choices that are not particularly efficient at the narrative level, the brand has recently returned to vogue with Digimon Adventure 2020, reboot of the anime historian who will accompany us until 2021.

Anyway, in the past few hours the network could not help but remember a special event that falls in conjunction with August 1, or the day when, back in 1999, the 7 digiprescelte were catapulted into the Digital World by surprise. An apparently simple date that once again underlines the popularity of an immortal work, still able to bring together thousands of young and old fans around it.

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And you, however, are following the new animated series of Digimon Adventure 2020? Let us know with a comment below.


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