Dick Gregory’s Natural Diet For Folks Who Eat:- The 17 Day Diet

Dick Gregory’s Natural Diet For Folks Who Eat:- The 17 Day Diet

The first time I heard of Dick Gregory was when he took up the challenge to lose weight by eating only what God made, not pre-packed foods. On his show, Oprah appeared thin and healthy-looking, but gradually, it became apparent that his health wasn’t good over the next few months. He died shortly after. At least he managed to live long enough to advertise his lousy advice. “If you want to be thin for life” is all well and fine if you can stay alive for life too!

Dick Gregory’s Natural Diet Advice

I’m sure many belief everything hairdressers tell them about hair loss because they trust their hairdresser to know best. So perhaps many will believe anything Dick Gregory says about dieting (he was a comedian, actor, and civil rights activist) because he seems like the sort of person you’d trust.

Dick Gregory Lived to be 84 years old on his Natural Diet.

Yes, he lived to be close to 80 years old, but that’s only because the life expectancy for black males in America is 75 ( Hispanic is 81, white male life expectancy is 76 ). This may be why Dick Gregory seemed so healthy-looking when he appeared on Oprah. He certainly didn’t look older than someone 75-80 years old.

Perhaps if they’d got an older African American on there rather than one who looked younger than his age, people might have been more impressed with his health, and they would have started to question the diet he was suggesting. And perhaps Oprah shouldn’t be presenting this sort of information without checking it first…

Oprah doesn’t realize that millions of people watch her show, and many will take what she says as Gospel. I’m sure there are those watching who haven’t got a clue about nutrition (like me before I read my first book on the subject), and the ideas presented by Dick Gregory will go unchallenged. I have to ensure that they are challenged. Oprah has a responsibility too. She needs to check the facts with professionals before presenting this information.

Bahamian diet plan:- dick Gregory’s natural diet

Dick Gregory – A Comedian, Actor and Civil Rights Activist

If you don’t know who he is, then I’ll give you a short bio: He was born in 1932 to a low-income family. His mother died when he was 12, and his father remarried six years later and had five more kids. Gregory dropped out of school at age 14 and lied about his age to find work as a shoe-shiner.

At 15, he began competing as an amateur boxer and eventually became the light heavyweight boxing champion for the Chicago Golden Gloves competition. After serving in the military, Dick Gregory became one of the first black standup comedians to perform on national television.

Still, more importantly, he became an outspoken civil rights activist. His first gig was in 1961 at the Playboy Club in Chicago and was called “easily one of the best comedians working today.”

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