Detective Conan Chapter 1122 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Detective Conan Chapter 1122 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

As they approach Mount Washio and get closer to their target, Rei Furuya, Conan, Rum, with their companions continue their thrilling voyage.

We’ll reveal the Detective Conan Chapter 1117 publication date and give some spoilers about what to expect in the next installment in this blog post.

We’ll talk about Conan’s ability to overcome obstacles as we look forward to their mountain adventures. There will be some intriguing spoilers and reading recommendations as well.

Detective Conan Chapter 1116 is going to be the next chapter in the manga, and we are moving on to a new case as the Butler case draws to an end.

In this instance, Harley being the one who was most helpful to Conan; his outstanding work was also acknowledged in the most recent chapter.

No matter how many more chapters the series releases, fans will always be eager to read them because, even after a thousand chapters, the plot only gets stronger and stronger. The most recent chapter was once again one of the best.

In the most recent chapter, Butler receives assistance from Harley and Conan while they solve the case and enable the former escape this dangerous circumstance, sparing both his and others’ lives.

Conan uses cunning to solve a case once more while apprehending more criminals along the way.

But as the chapter draws to a close, another storyline is already underway, and fans are getting extremely excited when Furuya receives a call requesting him to keep an eye out for information about Conan, even if it seems more like a threat than a command.

Fans are eagerly anticipating Detective Conan Chapter 1116 because of the incredible plot that has been developed for this new chapter of the series.

As a result, we will be unable to provide the audience what they want to see in Detective Conan Chapter 1116.

Furthermore, we now know when Detective Conan Chapter 1116 will be released and at what times readers can access it.

Along with this information, we’ll also let you know where you can read Detective Conan Chapter 1116.

Having stated that, we are going to provide you with the most recent information about the Detective Conan manga series.

There is an incredible fan base for Detective Conan, and they are constantly anticipating the next chapter and its outcome.

Detective Conan Chapter 1122 Release Date

Fans have been anticipating Detective Conan Chapter 1122 from all across the world. When the next chapter is published on November 29, 2023, at 9:00 a.m., readers will probably be glued to their screens.

Detective Conan Chapter 1122 Trailer

Detective Conan Chapter 1122 Plot

More mysteries surrounding the mysterious Kudo Shinichi are revealed in the most recent episode of Detective Conan.

Notable is the relationship between Hakuba Tan’s misgivings about Shinichi and how the case was resolved.

The story shows how Hakuba’s long-standing concerns regarding Kaitou Kid with Kaikudo Shinichi’s relationship develop. Hakuba finds out that Shinichi was tricked by a clever trap he set.

Hakuba is a formidable foe for Conan with his friends, as seen by his incessant interrogation of Shinichi with his cunning attempt to persuade him to give up his fight with him.

It’s a particularly noteworthy sequence where Shinichi ultimately exploits Hakuba’s provocation. This is thought to be Hakuba’s deliberate setup to expose Shinichi’s actual nature.

The fact that Hakuba is aware of Kaitou Kid’s true identity is vital in this scenario. Since he is aware that he is Kaito Kuroba, it is clear for him that Shinichi as Kaito have similar faces.

Hakuba is convinced that Shinichi is a child as a result of this. Hakuba’s concerns can come true as we wait for what happens next week. It may be argued that Conan’s hopes will only be elevated by this development.

I’m even more interested in seeing where this series goes from here because there’s a potential it could be serialized lasting four weeks.

It seems like Hakuba is deliberately pressuring him to reveal his underwear in order to find out who Shinichi Kudo is.

There is plenty more happening in the plot at this point, but the gang are on the mountain attempting to reach the summit. Shiho strikes up a conversation with Heiji, expressing her excitement at being there.

Ran goes on to remark that their presence at Mount Washington was a brilliant idea. We are all aware of Ran’s recent activities.

In an attempt to convince Shiho and Heiji to express their affections for one another, Ran is trying to put them together.

Later on, they discovered as the forecast was incorrect and that it had unexpectedly began to rain. They have no umbrella, no protection of any kind. Fortunately, they were able to find safety at a nearby temple and sought refuge there.

The priest informs them that the Buddha Statue is the main reason people visit the location. Ran worries that they won’t make it back on time and that they won’t see the sunset because of the rain.

Detective Conan Chapter 1115: The Butler Iori was carrying out the thief’s orders when Harley intervenes to save him while the former is locating the disk.

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