Demon Slayer, the author included in TIME’s Top 100: she is the first in history

Time, a historic American weekly founded in 1923, has included Koyoharu Gotouge in the prestigious list TIME100 Next list, in which the “one hundred rising stars who are changing the future of entertainment, business, sports, politics, science and medicine” are recognized. The list is an extension into the famous TIME100 Most Influential People.

The author of Demon Slayer therefore sits alongside Amanda Gorman, Anya Taylor-Joy, John David Washington, Dua Lipa, Steve Kornacki and many other world excellences, in what can be considered one of the greatest successes of her career . Gotouge is also the first mangaka to receive the prestigious award, since the publication of the first list in 1999.

For at least twenty years, The Enchanted City was the most profitable Japanese film ever“, reports the official website,”but that all changed last year. Demon Slayer: Infinity Train marked the biggest debut in the history of Japanese cinema, cashing in a surreal figure at the box office […] Koyoharu Gotouge released the first chapter of Demon Slayer in 2016, and between TV series and movies, the future of Shonen Jump’s incredible work looks brighter than ever.“A wonderful news for the author and for the whole Ufotable team, who together have managed to create one of the most loved works of all time.

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Demon Slayer will return with a second season in 2021. We also remind you that before the release of the new episodes the film should also debut in the West, including Italy.


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