Deadman’s Wonderland Season 2: Will It Ever Going To Happen?

The anime series Deadman Wonderland (or Deddoman Wandrando in Japanese) is based on manga of the same name. Originally released on April 26, 2007, the last volume of the manga, written by Kazuma Kondou and drawn by Jinsei Kataoka, was out on July 26, 2013. Its success led to its adaptation into an anime TV series. Since the release of Deadman’s Wonderland Season 1 on April 17, 2011, fans have been eagerly awaiting news of a second season. What follows is all we know about Season 2 thus far.

Deadman’s Wonderland Season 2 Renewal Status

Manglobe Inc. filed for bankruptcy in 2015 due to debts of roughly 350 million yen, thus there will be none for the next season. The show’s creators, producers, and directors will be out of work and unable to work on a new season. Our only remaining chance for a second season of Deadman Wonderland is for another studio to take up the animation and adapt it themselves. Possibly Netflix.

Deadman’s Wonderland Season 2 Cast and characters

Despite the program’s hundreds of supporting characters, Ganta Igarashi and Shiro steal the show. Below, we’ve provided you with some background information on each of them, as well as on the show’s primary adversary.

  • Ganta Igarashi: the show’s protagonist and main character, is a 14-year-old boy whose world is turned upside down after he is convicted of killing his entire middle school class. Ganta is given a “death” sentence, but he must serve it in the harsh environment of Deadman’s Wonderland.
  • Shiro: Second major protagonist Shiro is Ganta’s mystery aide in Deadman Wonderland. Albino Shiro hides her damaged skin under a skintight outfit, and her eccentric behavior sets her apart from the other convicts.
  • Rinichirou Hagire: The show’s primary antagonist and the guy responsible for Deadman Wonderland, Rinichirou Hagire, has been keeping his nefarious plans under wraps for quite some time. Due to his old age and inability to leave the bed, Rinichirou transfers the day-to-day running of the jail to his subordinates.

The Cast details are as follows:

  • Kana Hanazawa as Shiro
  • Romi Park as Ganta Igarashi
  • Iori Nomizu as Minatsuki Takami
  • Junichi Suwabe as Tamaki Tsunenaga
  • Masayuki Katou as Kiyomasa Senji/Crow
  • Mina as Rei Takashima
  • Takako Honda as Chief Makina
  • Yuuki Kaji as Yo Takami
  • Akira Harada as a Government Official (ep. 3)
  • Aya Gda as Prison Guard (ep. 3)
  • Ayumi Yonemaru as Ohara (eps. 8–12)
  • Chika Horikawa as Kasuga Kyouko
  • Daisuke Ono as Nagi Kengamine

Deadman’s Wonderland Storyline

Let us reflect upon Deadman’s Wonderland’s first run. Ganta Igarashi is an everyday student in this narrative. Ganta and his friend had plans to visit Deadman’s Wonderland, a theme park, one day. When he witnesses a strange figure in red swiftly and efficiently murdering his fellow soldiers, though, his life takes a dark turn. As a result, Ganta is the only one who might have committed the crime, therefore he is executed and sentenced to die in Deadman’s Wonderland. He is now incarcerated here and must compete in the deadly games with the other inmates. His true mission in life, however, is to track down the jerk responsible for turning his world upside down.

Deadman’s Wonderland Season 2 Plot

We anticipate that the Forgeries Arc will be covered in Deadman’s Wonderland Season 2 if it ever happens. In this arc, the outsiders to the “theme park” find out about the deadmen, which creates a lot of difficulty for the private prison’s superintendent, Rinichiro Hagire. In the next Carnival Corpse battles, many characters will perish. As a result of Ganta’s alienation from the other deadmen, things quickly spiral out of hand.

Deadman’s Wonderland Season 2 Release Date

Written by Jinsei Kataoka and drawn by Kazuma Kondou, Deadman Wonderland (or Deddoman Wandrando) is a very violent Japanese manga. In 2008, the manga appeared in Shonen Ace, and in 2011, an anime based on it began airing. Season 1 of The Deadman’s Wonderland aired from May to August of 2012 on Toonami after garnering a sizable popularity and spanning 15 episodes.

The information concerning Deadman’s Wonderland will be revealed in a logical progression. From the original work to the latest bankruptcy filing, everything is included. Season 1 only aired adaptations of the first 15 chapters of the manga, so there is a lot of ground to cover before we even get to the show itself. Let’s check out how well-liked it is next. It may come as a surprise to learn that some viewers still require convincing that there isn’t going to be a Season 2 of Deadman’s Wonderland.

Looking at the tweets from fans, it’s clear that 12 years after the premiere of Season 1 of Deadman’s Wonderland, the show still has a dedicated following eager for a second season. The decision of whether or not to produce a second season of an anime is heavily influenced by animation companies. But Manglobe collapsed in 2015, taking with them the dreams of fans who wanted to see more of Accel World, Samurai Champloo, Gangsta, Deadman Wonderland, etc.

Where can I watch Deadman’s Wonderland?

The original Japanese version aired on networks such as Tokyo MX and SUN, while the dubbed English version can be seen on Funimation and Amazon Prime.

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