DC Comics: Here is the shocking decision of a hero to give up his powers

Recent events narrated within the event DC Comics Infinite Frontier have changed the roles of several characters. However, their duties seem to be constantly changing between the numerous books of the publishing house series. Let’s see together what happened in The Flash # 768.

Following the decision of Barry Allen to devote himself to the House of Heroes, the meeting place of the Justice Incarnate or the group of heroes from the entire multiverse, the role of Flash passed to Wally West. Unfortunately, however, despite the invitation in the Justice League, the boy, understanding how beautiful his life and that of his family is, in the latest publication he chose to leave the role recently obtained.

To lose his powers and sever the link with the Force of Speed, the new Flash, together with Barry, runs to the maximum of his abilities but is stopped by a mysterious wave which makes his partner’s body disappear. In addition to the latter, numerous other characters have been involved in the strange phenomenon, including Jay Garrick and Max Mercury.

We therefore become aware of Wally’s conditions at present stuck in another time and inside a body that does not belong to him. Moreover, the protagonist of the register is still in possession of the skills he wanted to free. But all this seems to be herald the beginning of a new adventure. And what do you think of it? Let us know with a comment.

Finally, remember that a DC Comics hero has become richer than Batman and a character has changed sides between the pages of a DC Comics comic.

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