David Lynch arrives on Netflix with 'What Did Jack Do?', A short delirious in which he interrogates a monkey

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What a surprise just give us Netflix. The streaming platform has launched today without any price announcement 'What Did Jack Do?', the new short film by David Lynch. Almost two years ago the rumor of a possible collaboration arose without knowing anything about it from then until today, since it could perfectly be the first of his works that comes exclusively to Netflix.

A surprise from beginning to end

'What Did Jack Do?' It is a short film of just under 17 minutes in which Lynch himself gives life to a policeman who is interrogating a talking monkey, the main suspect in a murder. A delusional premise that holds several surprises throughout its tight footage, especially when the monkey in question addresses the issue of true love during its final stretch.

We are facing a work that fits the line of its author's work, achieving a dynamic between the absurd and the passionate in the talk held by its two protagonists. It is true that the trick to create the illusion that the monkey speaks – with the voice of Jack cross, by the way – can be distracting, but one does not take long to get carried away by the strangeness of the proposal.

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In addition, Lynch is very convincing assuming a character more typical of black cinema, giving the necessary entity to an idea that could have been simply a ridiculous whim with interest only for the most unconditional of the director of 'Twin Peaks'.

The truth is that Lynch rolled 'What Did Jack Do?' in 2016 and premiered at the Festival of Disruption in New York in 2018, but until now it had been impossible to watch it online. Hopefully it will be the beginning of a successful relationship between the filmmaker and Netflix, which we must not forget that he has not filmed a feature film since 'Inland Empire' in 2006 …

You can see the short here.

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