Dark Tourist Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Everything We Know Far

New Zealand’s dark tourism is the subject of the documentary series Dark Tourist. Journalist David Farrier hosts this documentary. Netflix has made this series available. There are a total of 8 episodes in this season. The average episode length of the show is between 44 and 45 minutes. On July 20, 2018, Netflix premiered the first season of Dark Tourist. Matthew Neal, Mark McNeil, and David Farrier serve as executive producers for the show. Razor Films is the firm responsible for making this show.

If you like traveling, you should watch this series. Examining the journalist’s background provides useful context. The show’s focus on sinister travel is sure to pique the interest of history nerds. Many people like the show so much because of the comedic moments and the many interesting things they explore. The second season of Dark Tourist has been anticipated by viewers ever since the first season debuted. Here, then, is the latest information on the upcoming second season of Dark Tourist. If you want to know more about the next season of Dark Tourists, check out our post.

Dark Tourist Cast

Below is a list of everyone involved in making Dark Tourist a reality:

  • Collin Rothbart as the director
  • Paul Horan as the writer
  • David Farrier as the host
  • Polly Fryer as the Producer

Dark Tourist Plot: What’s it about?

The most obvious initial step in any planned vacation is to check out the area’s most talked-about attractions. However, every location has a history, some darker than others, and there is a style of vacation that caters to those who like the macabre. Do you find it a little unsettling? That’s what you get with some “dark” tourists. ‘Dark Tourist’ follows Farrier as he embraces his inner dark tourist and visits locations throughout the globe that bear the emotional wounds of past catastrophes. His journey begins in Colombia, and if there’s one thing the nation is known for, it’s Pablo Escobar. If you’re a ‘Narcos fan, you owe it to yourself to check out this episode.

Farrier visits Medellin and is given a tour by one of Escobar’s goons. However, it is not all he does. He also simulates an attempt to enter the United States from Mexico. He visits the atomic bombing sites at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Some visitors come here specifically to “soak in” the radiation, in case you didn’t know. His research in the United States has focused on people like Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson.

Other hot issues were New Orleans vampire mythology and the murder of John F. Kennedy. In another segment, he visits Kazakhstan to learn more about the Soviet Union’s groundbreaking projects in the area of nuclear weapons and space exploration. While in Europe, he plays at being a general, goes to a museum devoted to serial murderers, and meets with Britain’s most violent inmate. Not all of his attempts succeed, however. For instance, he is rebuffed when he attempts to visit locations like the Gates of Hell and a walled-off ghost city. It turns out that certain locations are inaccessible to tourists of any stripe.

What Will Be the Story of Dark Tourist Season 2?

Many individuals throughout the globe like visiting exotic locations. However, there aren’t very many individuals who go on vacation to see sites where important historical events took place. David Farrier is one such person who is eager to learn the backstory of such ancient sites. David went on a lot of adventures in the first season, and we get to see each one of them in detail. If the second season comes, then the pattern for the series will be the same as per our point of view.

Dark Tourist Season 2 Release Date

Dark Tourist’s first season premiered on July 20, 2018. Each episode is a documentary on a different destination. David Farrier narrates and hosts this documentary on the growing trend of “dark tourism.” The documentary was co-written by David Farrier and Paul Horan. Companies involved in the production include Fumes and Razor Films, with Matthew Neal, Mark McNeil, and David Farrier serving as executive producers.

There are eight episodes in the first season, and each one is around 50 minutes long. In these eight parts, David Farrier recounts his adventures on the road. On July 20, 2018, the whole season’s first eight episodes debuted. Audiences were captivated by the thrilling journey. People began asking about Dark Tourist Season 2 shortly after Season 1 was released. However, the producers didn’t drop any indications about Season 2 of Dark Tourist.

There have been no public updates about Dark Tourist Season 2 in the four years after the release of Season 1. No information, not even the slightest tidbit, about season two has been provided by the producers. But it has been said that the show would not return. Nonetheless, we promise to keep you posted on any developments about Season 2 of Dark Tourist.

Where can I Watch Dark Tourist?

The first season of Dark Tourist is available on Netflix. In other words, you can only view it on Netflix.

What is the meaning of dark tourism?

The phrase “dark tourism” is used to describe visits to sites where evidence of disturbing human behavior has been uncovered. Assassinations, genocides, disastrous wars, museums, etc., fall within this category.

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