Dark Matter Season 4: Will There Be Another Season?

The concept for Dark Matter originated in Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie’s comic book of the same name. Like many other shows in the space genre, Dark Matter’s story begins with a group of workers working on a starship. It’s been more than seven years since the pilot episode of this series premiered to rave reviews. In this science fiction show, set around a decade in the future, we witness the people developing the spacecraft suddenly suffering from amnesia. How sad! Their trials, tribulations, and trust concerns are explored throughout the series. Thrills and drama accompany the science fiction elements in this story.

What makes it stand out is that, unlike the most critically praised TV shows, it is not supported by major networks like Netflix or Amazon Prime. The initial Canadian run of this show consisted of 13 episodes. Additionally, each episode lasted around 43 minutes, making it an ideal diversion from the monotony of everyday life. The fact that the season only has 13 episodes working in its favor. The third season was so fantastic that viewers had high hopes for the fourth. Give us the scoop on when and where we can watch the highly anticipated fourth season of this award-winning show.

Dark Matter Season 4 Renewal Status

Despite its popularity and fan base, Syfy decided to discontinue Dark Matter after its third season, making a fourth season highly doubtful. The ratings for Dark Matter were never spectacular, but they were good enough for the show to be renewed for a third and fourth season. A veteran of Stargate SG-1 and its several spin-off projects Mallozzi had an endgame in mind for Dark Matter, but after the third season concluded broadcasting, there were already indicators the show may not return. Why there probably won’t be a fourth season of Dark Matter:

Why was Dark Matter Season 4 canceled?

Dark Matter nonetheless did well for the network despite a drop in ratings during the middle of the third season. When Syfy canceled Dark Matter at the end of 2017, production had already started on a fourth season. Later, on his blog, Dark Matter creator Joseph Mallozzi explained why the show was canceled. Fans couldn’t understand why the show was canceled when others with lower numbers on Syfy were renewed, but Mallozzi would always insist that there was more to the story. The fact that the Dark Matter series was acquired rather than created by Syfy ultimately hindered the network’s efforts to make money off of it.

Dark Matter Storyline

Dark Matter’s plot unfolds like a drama set in the distant future of the 27th century. The show has attempted to illustrate the technological advancements that would have been possible. The show centers on a diverse cast of characters, all of whom are blacked out and have no idea who they are or why they are on a spacecraft other than the fact that they have weapons. The fact that the spaceship has broken down and there is no means to get home is terrible, but it does add some drama to the story. As was previously indicated, trust concerns ultimately lead to their downfall. Do you think humans are the most complex animals? Even under the most perilous of circumstances, we are unable to put aside our differences and work together to find a resolution. This fictitious play highlights some of society’s flaws.

Dark Matter Cast and characters

  • Marc Bendavid as One / Jace Corso / Derrick Moss
  • Melissa O’Neil as Two / Portia Lin / Rebecca, the de facto captain of the Raza and leader of the crew both before and after the mindwipe
  • Anthony Lemke as Three / Marcus Boone / Titch
  • Alex Mallari Jr. as Four / Ryo Tetsudo / Ishida Ryo, the exiled heir to the throne of the Principality of Zairon
  • Jodelle Ferland as Five / Das / Emily Kolburn, the youngest member of the crew and the only one not wanted for capital crimes
  • Roger Cross as Six / Griffin Jones / Lt. Kal Varrick
  • Zoie Palmer as The Android / Suki. Palmer also plays the Android’s creator Dr. Irena Shaw in the third season.
  • Melanie Liburd as Nyx Harper, a new crewmember in the second season on the run from the rest of her people, the Seers
  • Shaun Sipos as Devon Taltherd, a disgraced doctor and new crewmember in the second season
  • David Hewlett as Tabor Calchek, the crew’s unreliable handler and “talent” agent
  • Jeff Teräväinen as Lt. John Anders, a Galactic Authority officer and former partner of Six
  • Torri Higginson as Commander Delaney Truffault of the Mikkei Combine, an occasional ally
  • David Richmond-Peck as Commander Nieman of Ferrous Corp
  • Natalie Brown as Sarah, Marcus Boone’s lover.
  • Ellen Wong as Misaki Han-Shireikan, commander of the Ishida Royal Guard and childhood friend of Ryo
  • Ennis Esmer as Wexler, a manic sociopath and the leader of a mercenary group who is hired by Delaney Truffault to work with the Raza crew but proves untrustworthy.
  • Mike Dopud as Arax Nero, the leader of a prison gang
  • Kris Holden-Ried as Galactic Authority Inspector Kyle Kierken
  • Brendan Murray as Victor, leader of a group of rogue androids and love interest forRaza’s Android
  • Andrew Moodie as Teku Fonsei. Ryo appoints Teku, his former teacher, as his advisor.
  • Mishka Thébaud as Adrian Maro, former assistant to Calchek, who travels with the crew of the Raza during the first half of season 3
  • Ayisha Issa as Solara Shockley, Maro’s bodyguard, who also travels with the crew until she leaves with Adrian
  • Wil Wheaton as Alex Rook, President and CEO of Dwarf Star Technologies

Dark Matter Season 4 Plot

Dark Matter, unlike many television programs, planned out its conclusion. Mallozzi planned out the show’s entire plot for five seasons, and the third season ended on a huge cliffhanger. Dark Matter season 4 scripts were well underway when Syfy canceled the show, and they were going to focus on the emerging android bombshell. Despite Mallozzi’s initial hope that they could somehow bring the program back for a suitable ending, he now seems to have given up.

He’s considered writing a comic book to wrap up Dark Matter, but there doesn’t seem to be much hope for a continuation of the series. However, given the current trend of bringing back fan-favorite shows that were previously canceled (Twin Peaks, Arrested Development, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, etc.), there is still a chance that Dark Matter’s last season will be green-lit. The crew of the Raza may yet take to the skies again, provided that the show’s producers and actors are willing to allow it.

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