Collection of SaGa: Final Fantasy Legend, the collection will arrive on Switch in December

On the occasion of the latest Nintendo Direct Mini, Square Enix did not just announce the release date of Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory with a gameplay video but also confirmed the arrival in December of Collection of SaGa: Final Fantasy Legend, a collection that will include the first three titles of the J-RPG series.

The initiative, born to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary since the birth of SaGa series, will allow all fans of the genre to replay the first three episodes of the rolistic epic conceived by Akitoshi Kawazu.

The collection will offer a faithful reproduction on Switch of these 8-bit titles, with a playful and content experience that, therefore, will be aimed at nostalgics and to those who have long wanted to recover these titles, especially in consideration of the fact that the original Final Fantasy Legend trilogy has never been marketed in Europe.

For the occasion, Square Enix wanted to introduce additional features such as the increase in the speed of the characters, the adjustable magnification of the screen, the mode of Retro view to replicate the original Game Boy experience, the presence of new music (including a special anniversary piece) and eight different game backgrounds.

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Collection of SaGa: Final Fantasy Legend is scheduled to launch on December 15 this year exclusively on Nintendo Switch. On these pages you will find a summary of the news and announcements of the Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase on August 26th.


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