Coffee and Vanilla Season 2: Did The Show Get Renewed?

The possibility of a Coffee and Vanilla Season 2 has been raised by several online users. Coffee and Vanilla, a 2019 Japanese drama, swept the globe like no other drama before it. People are continually revisiting the drama since it was so well received. So it’s understandable that they’d want to know what happens in Season 2 of Coffee and Vanilla. Learn everything you need to know about Season 2 of Coffee and Vanilla right here.

Takara Akegami’s Coffee and Vanilla manga served as inspiration for the anime. The drama takes the familiar form of a wealthy man falling for a poor college student and the pair eventually uniting to take on the world. The drama’s cast and length are what set this plot apart. Dori Sakurada, currently one of Japan’s most popular actors, stars in the drama. His fame ensures that almost everyone is familiar with his name. Female lead Haruka Fukuhara is a famous singer in her own right. Their chemistry was off the charts, and it helped elevate this drama to new heights. The demand for a second season of Coffee and Vanilla was overwhelming.

Coffee and Vanilla Season 2 Renewal Status

The first episode of the first season of the Japanese love drama dropped on September 5, 2019, wrapping up a run that began on July 4, 2019. Unfortunately, the show’s chances of returning for a second season are looking pretty slim at this point. Risa and Hiroto’s love tale appeared to come to a close.

As a result, we don’t anticipate Season 2 of the show. Furthermore, no information about Coffee and Vanilla Season 2 has been provided by the producers or the network in about three years. Given this information, it’s safe to say that a second season of the show is highly unlikely.

Coffee and Vanilla Season Cast

  • Risa Shiragi Portrayed by Haruka Fukuhara: Risa is a 20-year-old college student who is popular among other students for her beauty, but is very shy in reality.
  • Hiroto Fukami Portrayed by Dori Sakurada: Fukami is the 32-year-old CEO of Fukami Holdings.
  • Takaaki Akutsu Portrayed by Mario Kuroba: Akutsu is Fukami’s rival and the CEO of Akutsu Corporation. He is popular with women.
  • Tsubasa Yoshiki Portrayed by Yuki Ogoe: Yoshiki is Risa’s classmate. He is friendly and falls in love with Risa.
  • Natsuki Ashiya Portrayed by Noa Kit: Natsuki is Risa’s childhood friend who later enters a friends-with-benefits relationship with Akutsu.
  • Yuki Ichiyanagi Portrayed by Shogo Hama: Yuki is Fukami’s secretary. He was Fukami’s classmate when they were in high school and has been in love with him since.

Coffee and Vanilla Storyline

Based on Takara Akegami’s manga series of the same name, Coffee and Vanilla is a Japanese romance drama series. Risa and Hiroto’s improbable romance is the focus of the show. Hiroto was like a guardian angel who emerged while Lisa’s life was falling apart. Hiroto’s attraction to her and her caring nature contribute to their rapid romantic development.

They are of different social classes, which would normally prevent them from being together. Hiroto, the company’s CEO, lives a lavish lifestyle. They fall in love despite the fact that Risa is still a student at the university and thus has limited financial resources.

The other side is represented by Hiroto’s enemy, Akutsu. He has feelings for Risa as well, but she consistently ignores him. Like Risa, Yoshiki has acquired a deep affection for Yoshiki. Despite being rejected, Yoshiki confesses his feelings for Risa. Simply said, the audience loves him because he just wants what’s best for her. Risa’s best friend, Natsuki, likewise uprooted Tokyo in quest of a more promising future. When Risa discovers that she, too, is developing feelings for Hiroto, she finds herself torn.

Coffee and Vanilla Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of Coffee and Vanilla doesn’t seem likely to see frequent releases. The first is that towards the conclusion of the show, we can see that everyone has found happiness and is making plans for the future. Hiroto finally pops the question to Rita in the last episode, and we see how sure he is that she would say “yes.” There are now no options left. It’s been over three years since the first season of Coffee and Vanilla was revealed, and the show’s creators still haven’t commented on whether or not there will be a second season.

It’s important to remember that the events in some TV shows actually occur in the real world. Those series that are kept going just out of affection or curiosity can bid us farewell with far less satisfying conclusions. We can claim that if we don’t want this to occur, Season 2 of Coffee and Vanilla shouldn’t be released.

Is Coffee and Vanilla worth watching?

Yes, if you have a particular interest in Japanese-made romantic dramas. We are not confident that you will enjoy coffee or vanilla if you aren’t enjoying these two types of foods. We doubt that you’ll give the romantic comedy Coffee and Vanilla a chance if you’re not a fan of such things.

Additionally, you may not enjoy this series because it heavily relies on and features cliches. As we said, the protagonists of this love story are the stereotypical rich boy and impoverished girl. Despite this, we are well aware that there is a sizable audience for such material, with the expectation that the plot will take a different turn despite its cliche origins. Coffee and Vanilla is perfect for you if this sounds like you.

Where can I watch Coffee and Vanilla?

You may stream it right now on Netflix.

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