Close Enough Season 4: Is The Show Canceled By HBO Max?

American animated sitcom Close Enough has returned for a fourth season. It was developed by J. G. Quintel. The show’s premiere on HBO Max is set for July 9, 2020, but it was originally scheduled to debut on TBS in 2017. Reviews for the show have been mostly favorable, with some critics even drawing comparisons to Regular Show, Quintel’s prior animated series.

The audience for Close Enough was profoundly impacted by the portrayal of contemporary issues that young adults encounter. The show’s success following its first season was due in large part to the fact that its relatability. The show’s above-average rating suggests it’s entertaining and worth checking out. Season one premiered on July 9, 2020. On February 25, 2021, the second season of Close Enough premiered. Many viewers of Close Enough are eager for information about the forthcoming fourth season. We know you’re eager to learn more about Close Enough’s upcoming fourth season, so here you go.

Close Enough Season 4 Renewal Status

The series’ cancellation after three seasons was announced on July 15, 2022, on HBO Max. Since many original series have already been reported to be canceled by important streaming platforms this year, there is no chance that the network will renew the series. Close Enough has joined the ranks of other canceled shows despite having a dedicated fan base and the ability to improve with a stronger script and more developed characters in future seasons.

What is the storyline of Close Enough?

The married couple in Close Enough, a sitcom aimed at adults, deal with their issues in a childish manner. They brought their daughter and other pals who were also divorced to Los Angeles. They’re roommates because they want to be in a good school district for their daughter. In this show, we see how these characters deal with unusual challenges at home and in their social lives.

Close Enough Season Cast

  • Joshua “Josh” Singleton (voiced by J.G. Quintel) – an aspiring video game developer who works for Plugger-Inners.
  • Emily Ramirez (voiced by Gabrielle Walsh) – Josh’s wife, who works as an assistant for a food corporation called FoodCorp.
  • Candice Singleton-Ramirez (voiced by Jessica DiCicco) – Josh and Emily’s six-year-old (as of “Birthdaze”) daughter, who can be very hyperactive and struggles with school work.
  • Alex Dorpenberger (voiced by Jason Mantzoukas) – Josh’s best friend and Bridgette’s ex-husband.
  • Bridgette Hashima (voiced by Kimiko Glenn) – Emily’s best friend and Alex’s ex-wife. She is a Japanese-American social media influencer.
  • Pearle Watson (voiced by Danielle Brooks) – A retired African-American LAPD police officer, and the landlady of the duplex.
  • Randall “Randy” Watson (voiced by James Adomian) – Pearle’s adopted white son, and the duplex’s property manager.
  • Mr. Timothy Campbell (voiced by John Early) – Candice’s hippie teacher at Chamomile Elementary.
  • Mr. Salt (voiced by Fred Stoller) – Emily’s boss at FoodCorp.
  • Dr. Glandz (voiced by Cheri Oteri) – A physician who works at a hospital called Pretty Good Samaritan.
  • Dante (voiced by Eugene Cordero) – One of Josh’s coworkers at Plugger-Inners who has a prosthetic lower arm.
  • Jojo (voiced by Mo Collins) – A biker woman who is the leader of the Cool Moms, and the mother of Candice’s classmate, Mia.
  • Trish (voiced by Kate Higgins) – A former member of the Cool Moms and the mother of Candice’s best friend and classmate, Maddie.
  • Ms. Hashima (voiced by Suzy Nakamura) – Bridgette’s mother.

What could happen in Close Enough Season 4?

At the end of the third season, Bridgette tries unsuccessfully to tell Alex, the matchmaker’s newest acquisition, about her feelings for him. In addition, we see Bridgette come into her own and shed her inhibitions in order to freely express her affection for her real love.

The possibility of friendship developing amongst Josh, Emily, Alex, and Bridgette is exciting. Their new friends, who appeared to be a standard couple like Josh and Emily, provided them with even more amusement. Meanwhile, if Close Enough does return for a fourth season, it will be intriguing to see where the story goes from here.

Why did HBO Max cancel Close Enough Season 4?

Just recently, HBO Max renewed Ten-Year-Old Tom, making it the only adult animated comedy series currently airing on the streaming service. “After three great seasons, Close Enough is coming to an end,” HBO Max stated in a statement to Deadline. In a statement, HBO Max said, “We are so proud of the series and grateful to creator JG Quintel and our partners at Cartoon Network Studios, who made this show an instant fan favorite on HBO Max.”

After Deadline’s report came out, Quintel confirmed the news on Twitter: “It’s true, Close Enough is ending after three seasons.” Having collaborated on this with so many skilled individuals has been a great privilege. Everyone who participated in making this happen, and everyone who watched it, are all appreciated.

Close Enough Rating

If you’re curious about the series’ quality but have never watched it before, let me reassure you: it’s actually pretty decent! The show has a decent IMDb rating of 7.9/10 and a Rotten Tomatoes audience rating of 85% on average. So, yes, I will be tuning into this series. Look at what others have said about it if you’re still on the fence about going.

Where can I watch Close Enough?

Prior seasons of Close Enough may be viewed only on HBO Max with a valid membership account, or Hulu subscribers can experience HBO Max risk-free for a week before committing to a $14.99/month subscription. The series is streamable on Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Vudu internationally, depending on the viewer’s location. Therefore, we suggest that customers pay for a subscription based on the type of content they’re interested in seeing on the site.

Why should you watch Close Enough?

Close Enough, which delivers on humor, offers a wide variety of comedic styles for viewers to enjoy. Physical, dark, referential, situational, high-brow, and low-brow tastes are all well represented, so everyone can find something they like. Although all of the main characters are funny in their own ways, the bulk of the show’s laughs come from just three people. Josh is a father who is both naive and well-intentioned. Bridgette is a trouble starter, and Alex is a wackadoodle professor.

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