Class of ’07 Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Everything We Know About

Class of ’07 has become one of the most talked-about new shows on Amazon Prime. Fans are now eagerly awaiting the second season of the Class of 2007. The plot follows a group of female high school alumni as they reunite ten years after graduating. A large tidal surge has blocked off all access, trapping all of this inside.

There is both comedy and terror in this post-apocalyptic story, and the Class of 2007 is a big part of the latter. Since the first season of Class of 2007 premiered, audiences have been eagerly anticipating the second season. The reason why is the novel and the interesting plot it presents. Here is all we know thus far about Season 2 of the Class of 2007.

Class of ’07 Season 2 Release Date

Since the debut of the first season on March 17, 2023, the production team has said nothing publicly about the possibility of a second season. Nevertheless, it is common knowledge that OTT services will carefully monitor the show’s online ratings, viewership, and engagement in order to choose whether or not to order a second season.

It’s common knowledge that Amazon Prime would be thrilled to continue the season if their show became popular with the people and received enough votes and great reviews online. However, we won’t be able to watch Season 2 until 2024 assuming it gets made at all.

Class of ’07 Storyline

A devastating tsunami hits an all-girls high school at the class of 2005’s ten-year reunion, and the survivors are stranded on the island top of the school’s campus. The story centers on a group of high school friends who find themselves unexpectedly entangled in a conflict from their past, all while dealing with the aftermath of the end of the world.

Class of ’07 Cast and characters

  • Emily Browning as Zoe Miller
  • Megan Smart as Amelia Collins
  • Caitlin Stasey as Saskia Van Der Beek
  • Claire Lovering as Genevieve Tuke
  • Emma Horn as Renee Williams
  • Steph Tisdell as Phoebe Stewart
  • Sana’a Shaik as Teresa Almas
  • Rose Flanagan as Laura Cunningham
  • Chi Nguyen as Megan Vu
  • Bernie Van Tiel as Tegan Florres
  • Sarah Krndija as Sandy Cooper-Reid
  • Debra Lawrance as Sister Bicky
  • Julia Savage as Young Zoe
  • Holly Simon as Young Amelia
  • Shay Cohen as Young Saskia

Class of ’07 Season 2 Plot

It’s surprising that no one has thought of using the end of the world as the backdrop for a high school reunion sooner. Honestly, the idea is fantastic. Having the world end is already a challenge. Doing so with people you hated and ignored for a decade in high school may feel insurmountable. All-Australian female actors star in the Amazon Prime Video series Class of ’07.

At their school reunion, they become separated as a flood occurs. It’s a hilariously Australian take on the survivalist genre, complete with gory jokes and random acts of savagery. After the first season, Zoe told everyone what Sandy had shared with her about the numerous cultures that existed on and around the river the morning after they had a late conversation. Many of the pupils have jumped into the lake to escape.

But none of the major players leave. At the very end of the episode, the girls think their prayers have been answered. They knew the time had come when they overheard a whisper over the radio. They run outside to find their potential rescuers and discover a boat full of men who don’t look very friendly. As they draw near, the women arm themselves for war. Therefore, Season 1 leaves a lot of room for the development of Season 2 of the Class of ’07. That’s not the final chapter.

Class of ’07 Season 2 Trailer

The Class of ’07 season two trailer has not yet been released, and it is currently unknown when that will occur. There have been no official renewal updates, and it’s a tough guess whether or not the series will be renewed. If the show is renewed and filming begins this year, we could see an early look at Season 2 by the end of the year.

Class of ’07 Season 1 Rating

Many viewers of the most current season of Class of ’07 want to know more about the show’s setting. The series has been met with universal praise from viewers and critics alike, earning a 7.3/10 rating on the IMDb rating website. Class of ’07 has a 94% average follower score, a 4/5 on rotten tomatoes, a 4/5 on common sense media, and over 80% approval among Google addicts.

Where to watch Class of ’07?

Streaming services like Amazon Prime carry the series. The series is available on Amazon Prime in its original language as well as in dubbed versions for other languages.

Class of ’07 Season 1 Review

Women in “Class of ’07” are shown to suffer physical as well as mental health problems. The show’s authors deserve praise for not glossing over any unpleasantness. The second half of the film is much messier and more confusing than the first, with numerous unconvincing subplots presented. Except for Amelia, Saskia, and Zoe, the show introduced a large number of characters whose stories were never resolved.

The writers showed sensitivity by also addressing the fact that women have varying perspectives on motherhood. That is one frank assessment. The second half of the program is a chaotic muddle as the story goes in many different directions. A second season is needed to wrap up all the loose ends.

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