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Christian Chávez reveals how he was forced out of the closet

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Christian Chávez was on the recent broadcast of the Montse & Joe program, where he told how some photographs "forced" them out of the closet. "The story is this, I had already been married to my partner for two years then and Pedro Damián was sent some photos to Televisa."

At that time RBD was on the cusp of success, "many children followed us, so Pedro knew that he had my partner, but he did not know that I had married, so suddenly he spoke to me and said 'Christian, what did you marry , wey? ', and I,' why? ', and he said,' come to my house, '"said Christian Chávez.

The way he made his sexual preferences known was not what he had imagined. "So I came to his house and he said 'look, this came and they are asking for so much money, what do you want?' And the bottom line is that I would have liked that when I was 17 years old, someone who had been on TV, who had been consistent and successful, would have said 'I'm gay' and that would have totally changed my process. "

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The former RBD also confessed that it took many years for Mom to accept that he was gay. "I talk a lot with kids who come up to me and tell me 'is that my parents', I always tell them to be patient, because the parents, especially, the parents of our generation were educated in a way that they have seen aggressiveness. "

For example, my mom always saw aggression towards gays, her best friend was killed. It is a guilt that parents suddenly come to feel, it took my mom 10 years.

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