Chapelwaite Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More

Chapelwaite, which was written by Peter Filardi and Jason Filardi, is one of the best American horror TV shows. The show is based on “Jerusalem’s Lot,” a short story by the American author Stephen King. Donald De Line, Jason Filardi, and Peter Filardi are the main producers of the show. Chapelwaite stars Adrien Brody, Jennifer Ens, Ian Ho, Christopher Heyerdahl, Emily Hampshire, Sirena Gulamgaus, and many more skilled and well-known people from Hollywood.

Chapelwaite’s first season premiered on Epix on August 22, 2021. It was made up of a total of ten shows. Critics have been mostly positive about the show, which has a 63% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The crowd has done a great job of getting used to the show and wants more seasons. Chapelwaite fans are very interested in when the second season of the show will come out. We know that, so here is everything you need to know about Chapelwaite’s second season. If you like the show too and want to learn more about it, keep reading the piece.

Chapelwaite Season 2 Renewal Status

Variety talks about what’s in the works for Epix after the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour for 2022, including Chapelwaite’s second season. The new season will show that the curse on the Boone family didn’t end with Jakub (Christopher Heyerdahl) and that De Vermis Mysteriis is still as strong as ever, according to early story details.

Chapelwaite Season 1 Story

The story is about Captain Charles Boone’s family. He has three kids whose names are Honor, Loa, and Tane. He moved with his children to Preacher’s Corners, Maine, which is where he grew up. Now comes the trouble. To their bad luck, the dark family secrets follow them all around they go. We know that the story takes place in 1850 because of how the characters dress.

Rebecca Morgan is a writer who lives next door to Charles’s family. After seeing the family, she plans to write a book. When the story starts, the awful truth regarding the family comes out. It turns out that Rebecca knows the family in some way. They discovered some family-related papers. In the last part of the plot, we find out that a book is the main reason why all the bad things are happening. Charles tried to get rid of the book, but he wasn’t able to. When he finally asked Loa to drink his blood, she killed him to save the lives of his children. He gave Rebecca his children.

Chapelwaite Cast and Characters


  • Adrien Brody as Captain Charles Boone
  • Emily Hampshire as Rebecca Morgan
  • Jennifer Ens as Honor Boone
  • Sirena Gulamgaus as Loa Boone
  • Ian Ho and Tane Boone
  • Eric Peterson and Samuel Gallup
  • Christopher Heyerdahl as Jakub
  • Julian Richings as Phillip Boone
  • Steven McCarthy as Stephen Boone
  • Gord Rand, as Minister Burroughs
  • Trina Corkum as Mary Dennison

Chapelwaite Season 2 Plot

Chapelwaite season 2 will probably keep following Charles, who is now a vampire because he died to protect De Vermis Mysteriis for all time. This sad choice to end his life is a way to protect his children and future generations of Boones from being attacked by the undead who want to use the evil book for bad things. Since Charles left Chapelwaite and the nearby towns of Preacher’s Corners and Jerusalem’s Lot with De Vermis Mysteriis, season 2 could take place in new places, which would be another change from King’s short story.

Chapelwaite filming locations

The main photogrammetry for ‘Chapelwaite’ started on July 5, 2020, and was probably done by the end of the year. The filming was supposed to start in April 2020, but it was put off because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The library is kept in Preacher’s Corners, which sounds like a town in Maine but is actually in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

Chapelwaite Season 2 Release Date

On August 22, 2021, Epix showed the first episode of Chapelwaite’s first season. On October 17, 2021, the last episode of the first season aired. There were ten shows in the first season. Chapelwaite has been picked up for a second season by the people who made it. But they haven’t said anything specific about when Season 2 of Chapel Waite will be available. Since the second season is still being made, it might not come out for a while. The second season of Chapelwaite is likely to have ten episodes, just like the first season. So far, the creators have not said for sure.

Where can I watch Chapelwaite Season 2?

If you haven’t seen the series yet or if you like scary movies, this might be the best thing for you to watch. Where can you watch this show, though? So you are able to view it on Amazon Prime Video, but you can’t watch it straight on Amazon. Instead, you need MGM Plus on Amazon to watch it.

Chapelwaite Review

Even though Chapelwaite relies on Stephen King’s book, the story is told in a very different way. The show relies on powerful images and sets a dark tone for the rest of the season. The character arcs aren’t really that good. Most of the personalities are boring, and they don’t change at all over the course of the series. Chapelwaite is a pretty normal show, but there are a few scary parts here and there.

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