Chainsaw Man at the MAP Stage 2021: news on the anime?

One of the most anticipated titles in animated form is definitely Chainsaw Man, television adaptation of the manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto which in recent months has made a lot of talk about itself. In fact, expectations on the project are very high and Shueisha expects an explosion of the franchise at the time of the debut.

There are not so few who expect a success like that of Jujustu Kaisen, thanks to an adaptation meticulously cared for by the team of MAP study. In the last period the company has worked on very famous titles such as Attack of the Giants 4 which has increased the popularity of the studio also in the West. Furthermore, the company will soon celebrate its first 10 years of activity.

For that occasion, therefore, the company will hold i Stage 2021 MAP, around June 27, in which it will host all the most important titles the studio has worked on in recent years. In addition to information on the Attack of the Giants 4 Part 2, in all probability we will have news also on the anime of Chainsaw Man since it will have an entire dedicated panel, as confirmed by the company itself. So we just have to wait a couple of weeks to know what future lies with the television adaptation of Fujimoto sensei’s manga, perhaps with a new promotional trailer that will be previewed during the event.

In this regard, it seems that the sensei is already working on part 2 of the manga and a new one-shot, or at least this is what an insider reported on the net. And you, on the other hand, what expectations do you have for this series, are you interested? Let us know with a comment below.

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