Cate Blanchett to star in Todd Field’s long-awaited return to directing, 15 years after ‘Secret Games’

Finally there is news about the expected return of Todd Field to the address. The American, author of only two feature films, has in his hands a new project entitled ‘TAR’, whose filming is scheduled for next September, and will feature the wonderful Cate Blanchett as the protagonist.

An original drama set in Berlin

Todd Field produces through his company Standard Film Company and signs the script, in addition to taking care of the staging, as he did in his previous works, the applauded dramas ‘In the bedroom’ (‘In the Bedroom’, 2001) and ‘Secret Games’ (‘Little Children’, 2006).

The filmmaker adds three Oscar nominations thanks to these feature films: as producer of ‘En la habitacion’ and as co-screenwriter of it and ‘Juegos secrets’, both adaptations to the big screen.

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Have passed 15 years since the premiere of his last film and there is a lot of interest to know what story he is going to tell us in his long-awaited return, and with Blanchett as the star. At the moment, it has only been reported that ‘TAR’ is an original script and that the plot is set in Berlin. There will be time to discover more details.

Todd Field en Eyes Wide Shut

Todd Field en Eyes Wide Shut

The truth is that ‘TAR’ is not the first project with which Todd Field tries to return to directing. Among others, the director had in hand a drama set in the Mexican Revolution with Leonardo Dicaprio, the adaptation of ‘Blood Meridian’ by Cormac McCarthy, and a series based on the novel ‘Purity’ by Jonathen Franzen that he was to lead Daniel Craig.

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