Bwin provides customers with a betting app that is unmatched

In the age of online betting, it feels essential to have a betting app that is only a pocket away. There are a plethora of bookmakers to choose from and this article looks at one that is worth serious consideration, the Bwin app. Football fans will be familiar with Bwin because of their high-profile sponsorship deals. They were Real Madrid’s shirt sponsor for the season that Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Spain. Such press is hardly necessary for a bookmaker as established as Bwin now. With more than 20 million registered customers worldwide, its reputation is growing by the day. This is in large part thanks to the easy usage of their app.

Having a mobile app to bet with makes gambling easy. It means that your next bet is only as far away as your pocket. However, there are some apps that make betting easier than others. Bwin is one such app. The sheer range of markets that it allows users to bet on is stunning. Popular sports like football, tennis, and rugby are obviously covered, but so are niche ones like diving, luge, and sailing. Altogether, there are more than 100 categories from which users can choose from. Given that sports are taking place across the world on a 24/7 basis and that Bwin covers them all live, users will never run out of events to place a wager on.

If you’re wondering how Bwin could change your betting experience, let us to set the scene with an event to put money on. For the sake of using an example for the widest audience possible, let’s say that it’s a football match between the aforementioned Real Madrid and Manchester United. You wish to stick a bet on the match, but, looking through the pre-match markets, it becomes clear that choosing one market is going to be difficult. However, you don’t need to pick between selecting both teams scoring and Karim Benzema breaking the deadlock. No, with Bwin you can ‘build’ a bet, allowing you to bet on multiple markets in the same match.

Once you built that bet, Bwin provides the option of tracking it in real-time. Yet they don’t leave you as a helpless bystander. Instead, they give you the cash out option and, if staring at your phone doesn’t sound appealing, the auto cash out option. The latter allows users to set a value at which to automatically cash out. As if the live betting experience couldn’t get easier. Pair this with a user interface that is both simple and enjoyable to navigate and you have an app that 20 million customers want to sign up for. Bwin accepts a number of payment methods, including Visa and Mastercard. They currently have a welcome promotion that offers to match your first deposit by a minimum of £10. To read a full assessment of all of the benefits to becoming a Bwin customer, read Sporty Trader’s review. A site that specialises in bookmaker reviews and betting tips, Sporty Trader is a must for any punter unsure of who to place a wager with.

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