Brian Austin Green’s Cryptic Post On Megan Fox’s B’Day!!

Actor Brian Austin Green did share a cryptic post over social media about having butterflies on wife Megan Fox’s B’Day even though there are rumors of the couple splitting apart. Read the details here.

The popular star of Beverly Hills, Brian Austin Green has surely done something that you may find interesting as well as surprising. His latest post over the social media platform will surely be going to raise your eyebrows. Brian Austin Green did share a cryptic post on his Instagram handle on Saturday for a B’Day wish to his wife. Brian’s post was about him feeling smothered on the day when it was his wife Megan Fox’s 34th birthday. He surely shares the post amid the rumors that are going on about the actor’s split with Megan Fox.

Brian Austin Green’s Post

Brian Austin Green surely took to his Instagram handle to post a snap of a beautiful butterfly sitting on a flower. It may not be a coincidence that he did share the post when it the way the day of her wife’s birthday. The post seems like containing a cryptic message that points straight to someone only Brian knows. The caption that Brian did write along with the post tends to have many deep meanings.

Brian Green captions the post, “Eventually butterflies get bored sitting on a flower for too long. They start feeling smothered. It’s a great big world and they want to experience it”.

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox were in the news recently due to their splitting rumors. Fans and followers are currently wondering if the post was to point his wife Megan Fox about something. It was because of the fact that Megan Fox has a tattoo on her right shoulder describing, “We will all laugh at the gilded butterflies”.

Fans are clueless if the rumors about the couple splitting away are true or not. If so, then this post has surely something to do with the split of Megan Fox and Brian Green.

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