Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Other Details

Brand New Cherry Flavor, a new show on Netflix, has been a hit with viewers, but it’s still not clear if the Rosa Salazar show will be back for a second season. Season 1 was based on Todd Grimson’s book of the same name, which is about a young filmmaker (Salazar) who goes to California to follow her Hollywood dreams but is stopped and used by a shady producer (Eric Lange). Brand New Cherry Flavor works, which is more than can be said for a lot of streaming horror. It does this by making real moments of tension and unease without using cheap tricks or jump scares that are too obvious.

Some of the strange images in Brand New Cherry Flavor will stay with viewers for days, just like in some of the best movies in the same genre. Nick Antosca and Lenore Zion, the show’s creators and producers, had a clear vision and worked hard to make it happen. The two of them worked together before on Channel Zero, a great horror show on Syfy that, like American Horror Story, told a new scary story each season.

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2 Renewal Status

At the moment, it’s not clear if Netflix will add a second season of Brand New Cherry Flavor. Netflix hasn’t said for sure that there will be a second season, but we’re waiting patiently for an update. But we have to remember that the show is a limited series, which means there will probably only be one season.

But because of how season 1 ended, there is a chance that there will be a second season. Also, it wouldn’t be the first time that a limited series got a second season, so don’t give up hope. When the streamer tells us more about season 2 of the scary limited series, we’ll let you know.

Brand New Cherry Flavor Story

The show is all about the 1990s. Lisa wants to make movies, so she goes to Hollywood to follow her dreams. But the plot took a turn that turned her lovely dream into a nightmare. When she went to see Lou, a movie producer, he lied to her. Lisa has decided to get her own back. Lisa goes to a mysterious woman named Boro for help, and she gives Lisa some very strange ideas on how to reach her goals.

There are a lot of things going on in the series that will make you sit down and finish it. After watching this show, you’ll have a lot of questions, like “What will Lisa do to get back at Lou?” How far can she go to get back at him? In the show, who is Boro, and what does she want from Lisa? How will Lou’s life turn out?

Brand New Cherry Flavor Cast


  • Rosa Salazar as Lisa Nova
  • Catherine Keener as Boro/Jennifer Nathans
  • Eric Lange as Lou Burke
  • Jeff Ward as Roy Hardaway


  • Manny Jacinto as Chris/Code
  • Hannah Levien as Christine
  • Siena Werber as Mary Gray/Boro
  • Daniel Doheny as Jonathan Burke
  • Darcy Laurie as Ralph
  • Sean Owen Roberts as James

Guest stars

  • Leland Orser as Mike Nathans
  • Patrick Fischler as Alvin Sender
  • Gabriel LaBelle as Tim Nathans

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2 Plot

Lisa goes back to Brazil at the end of Season 1 of Brand New Cherry Flavor, even though she finally got the credit and attention she’d always wanted. Still, Boro’s (Catherine Keener) spirit is still “alive” and well, so season 2 could go in many different directions. Lisa might be able to figure out what to do next in her life by learning more about her past while she is in Brazil. This could be done by weaving a story from the present into the main story.

Brand New Cherry Flavor Season 2 Release Date

Brand New Cherry Flavor is still in talks with Netflix to keep going. So, as of right now, nothing is certain. But even if the renewal plan is approved today, the new season might not come out until the winter or fall of 2023.

Where can I watch Brand New Cherry Flavor?

Netflix made the show Brand New Cherry Flavor. So, the only place to watch this show is on Netflix. And you won’t be able to watch it on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+. The streaming site is widely available around the world, which is a good thing. You may purchase an essential subscription for a low price that lets you stream TV shows, movies, and documentaries on almost any device.


Fans of scary horror movies went to see Brand New Cherry Flavor in large numbers. After a successful first season, fans are looking forward to the second season. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, season 2 might not take as long as season 1, which came out two years after season 1. But it will be fascinating to see if the filmmakers can bring Todd Grimson’s magic to the big screen or if they fail.

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