Boruto: the synopsis of the episode that will open the next narrative arc has been leaked

Finally the animated series of Boruto prepares to enter the highly anticipated narrative arc dedicated to the Kara organization. In the last few hours the synopsis of the first episode has spread around the net, let's have a look at it.

The title of the episode, which will air on July 19th, is "Impronte di Kara". The plot follows our protagonist, Boruto, immediately after his victory against the leader of the Bandits Mujina. The happy ending of the previous saga, however, opened the curtain on the mysterious organization Kara:

"Boruto has defeated the hateful leader of the Mujina bandits, Shojoji! However, the mysterious organization Kara, feared even by the Mujina Bandits, approaches Konoha! Sasuke and Sai head to Amegakure where a secret hideout is hidden. Karano Garashi, a guide, he presents himself before them ".

According to the latest rumors, Studio Pierrot will entrust some episodes to animation studios subsidiaries such as Jiwoo Animation, Hanjin Animation and Hotline, not particularly known for their skills. A general drop in the overall quality of the next episodes is therefore probable.

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Pending the start of the next narrative arc, we ask you: it has satisfied you the management of the Mujina Bandit saga? As always, have your say in the comments.

Boruto, the Kara saga begins: the villains show themselves in a trailer. According to Boruto fans, Tsunate would have been "weakened".


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