Boruto: the anime will return to faithfully adapt the manga from episode 193

The anime of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is preparing for the imminent launch of a new narrative arc, a saga completely focused on Kawaki who, apparently, will faithfully adapt the paper version of the work.

Although the previous arc also adapted the manga, the anime has granted itself some “poetic license” by enriching the episodes with unreleased material created specifically for the series. According to what Honda screenwriter Masaya suggests, this should no longer happen. The animated series will be faithful to the manga by Ukyo Kodachi, now entrusted to master Masashi Kishimoto.

During the Vessel Arc, viewers noticed a few small but substantial difference between the manga and the anime of Boruto. An example is the first meeting between the Seventh Hokage and Kawaki, which took place in completely different circumstances. However, with the debut of the new saga this should no longer happen.

Starting from the next episode, # 193, Boruto will return to follow the manga. The progress of the story will faithfully follow the flow of the original manga, so stay tuned“, said the screenwriter on his Twitter profile.

The animated series, therefore, will have the difficult task of faithfully adapting the “Kawaki Arc: Kara Clash”, one of the high points touched by the manga of Boruto. We have no doubt that thanks to the extraordinary work of the team and the animations of Studio Pierrot, even the anime will reach incredible heights.

Let’s find out why Boruto 192 is one of the best episodes of the entire franchise. In the future, Sarada will be the protagonist of a new Boruto saga in which his Sharingan will evolve.

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