Boruto: the anime removes a part of the meeting between Kawaki and the Hokage, angry fans

One of the biggest problems of the anime of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations it is the excessive amount of filler episodes that inevitably forced the production to make some changes to the original story in order not to cause inconsistencies. One of them, however, was not well digested by the fans.

The encounter between Kawaki and the Hokage did not give the same sensations as the manga, when the newcomer gives up the temptations to flee after seeing the awesome power of Naruto. In the anime this part has been removed due to some narrative variations in the previous episodes. In fact, if the staff had faithfully adapted that part, following the original episodes, it would have caused a narrative inconsistency. In any case, numerous fans have lashed out against the production, guilty of altering one of the most epic moments of the saga in question. Another user, in response to the controversy, tried to answer why Studio pierrot changed the scene:

  • “Naruto explains to Shikamaru and Boruto that he is a jinchurriki and how he was seen by others because of this. People were afraid of him and because of this he was isolated, fearing that his immense power could destroy the Vllaggio. Naruto tells so to Shikamaru of not wanting Kawaki to receive the same treatment he received in the past. Furthermore, Kawaki tries to escape the Village twice and both times is stopped by Naruto. At this point, escaping is useless and that is why in the scene of the house explains that he no longer wants to run away.If Naruto had transformed himself to scare Kawaki, after his explanation to Boruto and Shikamaru, he would have fallen into contradiction;
  • Naruto has already transformed to save the city and, as a result, Kawaki has already seen him intent on protecting the village from the explosion. Precisely for this reason, in the anime Kawaki is already aware of how powerful the Hokage really is and turning into a house would not have obtained the same result as the manga since Naruto had already exposed himself; “

And you, instead, what do you think of the decision of the staff to remove this part? Let us know with a comment below.

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