Black Widow: the latest trailer accumulates 70 million views in 1 day

We can’t wait to see what happens in the solo movie of the Black widow, the Marvel character played by Scarlett Johansson and who is part of the Avengers. And since there is less left for us to enjoy the film (it will be on July 9 of this year when it opens simultaneously in theaters and Disney +), the trailer has been a totally thunderous success.

The Hollywood Reporter medium has reported that in a matter of 24 hours after the release of the new trailer for the film, 70 million views have been reached. It has also been echoed by Comicbook.

Marvel recently gifted us with this new trailer for the long-awaited solo movie of the beloved character Mrs. Johansson. It is an advance in which Taskmaster shines a lot, demonstrating what he is capable of to comic book fans, and also allows us to see more about the context of Black Widow in the film, showing both Romanoff herself, as well as Yelena Belova (played by actress Florence Pugh). We even see how they play against each other. In addition, the trailer also has a small moment of glory for Red Guardian, the character of David Harbor.

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It was on March 24 when we learned that the film was delayed until the date that we indicate in this news, and when it also announced the simultaneous premiere between the cinemas and the Disney video-on-demand platform.


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