Black Clover: Asta goes wild in Chapter 288, now available in Manga Plus

While the conclusion of the anime’s Black Clover marked an extremely important milestone for the work conceived by Yuki Tabata, the adventure of the young Asta is continuing to conquer millions of readers with the manga, and the recent chapter 288, recently published on the Manga Plus site, showed the sequel of an intense battle.

As it was shown a few days ago by the images leaked on the net, Chapter 288 proved to be packed with action and spectacular moments to say the least, which from the very first tables takes us back to the Snowy Lands of the Kingdom of Swords, where an epochal battle is taking place. Asta, after saving his friend and teacher Nacht, invites him to survive to witness the power derived from his own teachings.

Nacht’s hope is shattered by the concern of Auction about the remaining four minutes of Devil Union Mode with Liebe, and on a magnificent page we see Liebe excited about the imminent clash with two high-ranking demons, namely the twins Lilith and Naamah. The initial phase of the clash, which takes shape in very hectic tables, follows Asta sporting his third sword, the Destroyer of Demons, with which he delivers a devastating blow to Naamah, cutting off his right arm.

Recall that the final episode showed the origins of the Devil of Asta, and we let you find out what led to the early termination of the anime.

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