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‘Big Bang Theory’ Spinoff ‘Young Sheldon’ Likely Slapped With Enormous FCC Fine

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‘Big Bang Theory’ Spinoff ‘Young Sheldon’ Likely Slapped With Enormous FCC Fine

Young Sheldon is one of the much-loved show among all age group. But this favorite series of you have broken one of the rules of the broadcasting. All problems started with the sound effect which has been used in an episode since then The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced of fine on CBS a $272,000 for breaking the rule.

big bang theory
big bang theory

As they have put allegations of using the sound of an emergency alert system (EAS) tone.

And this sound can only be sued in the time of genuine emergencies. However, now the show is endeavoring to change the music so it might follow up the rule. But FCC (federal communications commission) has still did not give them a green signal.

This show has made its unique place in the hearts of people not because young Sheldon looks cute because he has genuinely justified his character and plots are commendable. This show has reached 227 television stations which are not a small count, and this number includes 15 of CBS’s owned and operated television stations.

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But now this show is facing its struggling period with the allegations of using the wrong soundtrack that is seminal indicating the producers have modified tornado warning and this sound, but this is still audibly resembled actual EAS tones.

So the third season will take its come back later this year. But now it becomes essential for the show from getting out of such issues otherwise someday they have even to bear significant consequences of such acts. There are some stringent rules regarding soundtracks, and producers cannot use any dangerous sound in their shows.

Even after committing such big mistakes puts show not just penalty but also on the verge of dangerous. Although, the show cannot commit such acts for further unless consequences are most excellent.

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