Better Things Season 6: Will It Ever Happen?

Co-created by Pamela Adlon and Louis C.K., the comedy-drama series ‘Better Things’ is a joy to watch. Sam Fox, a divorced actress raising three kids—Max, Frankie, and Duke—while juggling acting assignments and her slightly quirky mother is partially based on Adlon’s life. Sam’s raw honesty as she navigates single parenthood helps her get closer to her kids while she learns to deal with the pressures of the fast-paced entertainment industry.

The show’s debut on September 8, 2016, and subsequent airings have been met with widespread acclaim for its sharply written storyline and subtle comedy in its depiction of family dynamics and middle-aged troubles. In addition, the cast has been nominated for and won two major awards for their outstanding performances. Now that the show’s fifth season has been so well received, viewers want to know if they’ll get to see their favorite characters again next year. This is everything we know about a possible sixth season, so let’s get right to it!

Better Things Season 6 Renewal Status

The comedy-drama’s fifth season debuted on FX on February 28, 2022, and its final episode aired on April 25, 2022. Meanwhile, we have disappointing news for those of you who have been anticipating Better Things Season 6. It has been established that Season 5 served as the series finale.

Pamela Aldon announced the show’s cancellation in October 2021, well before the beginning of season 5. She said in a statement, “I will always be thankful to FX for giving me the opportunity to share my vision of the world via the stories I create. I feel like I’ve been to film school while making this episode. Honor to my team and my actors. And I can’t wait for the general public to rediscover and appreciate “better things.” Sam Fox’s run is coming to an end. Attend the after-party with me! This means that there will be no Season 6 of Better Things.

Better Things Season 6: Why was it canceled?

Why Better Things was canceled after Season 5 is a mystery. The decline in viewership, among other things, may have played a role in the choice to collect the episodes into a box set. The number of spectators was decreasing over time. Seasons 1 and 2 averaged about 0.5 million viewers per episode, whereas seasons 3 and 4 averaged only 0.3 million. The average viewership for the fifth season was a dismal 0.12 million.

FX and creator Pamela Adlon would have wanted to leave the show on a strong note so that it would be remembered fondly by its devoted audience. The series concluded on a high note, delivering all of the show’s hallmarks (including tons of cooking and a trip to London with the family).

Better Things Season 6 Release Date

As we’ve already established, FX and Pam Adlon (the show’s star and a co-creator) have stated multiple times that season 5 will be the last, so there will be no season 6. Our beloved characters from the previous four seasons will be leaving us at the end of Season 5.

Better Things Storyline

Sam Fox, a recently divorced actress, is trying to raise her three kids in Los Angeles: Max, Frankie, and Duke. Sam’s upbeat and passionate approach to raising her girls without sacrificing her career is portrayed throughout the program. She is kind, never grumbles, and is always willing to provide a hand. Better Things gained popularity because it reflected the trials and triumphs of real women like Sam.

Better Things Cast and characters

  • Pamela Adlon as Sam Fox, a single mother and working actress raising three daughters in Los Angeles.
  • Mikey Madison as Max Fox, Sam’s volatile and angry but essentially decent oldest daughter.
  • Hannah Alligood as Frankie Fox, Sam’s strong-willed middle child.
  • Olivia Edward as Duke Fox, Sam’s adorable and sweet-hearted youngest daughter.
  • Celia Imrie as Phyllis “Phil” Darby, Sam’s British mother with some looming physical and mental issues.
  • Diedrich Bader as Rich, Sam’s best friend, who is gay and has about the same amount of luck with men as Sam does
  • Alysia Reiner as Sunny, Sam’s newly divorced best friend
  • Greg Cromer as Jeff, Sunny’s pot-smoking and lazy ex-husband
  • Rebecca Metz as Tressa, Sam’s understated and very competent manager and friend
  • Matthew Glave as Xander Hall, Sam’s ex-husband and Max, Frankie, and Duke’s absentee father
  • Mather Zickel as one of Sam’s ex-boyfriends
  • Lucy Davis as Macy, Sam’s close friend who has serious personal problems
  • Patricia Scanlon as Joy, one of Sam’s friends
  • Emma Shannon as Pepper, Duke’s friend
  • Kevin Pollak as Marion, Sam’s brother
  • Jeremy K. Williams as Jason, Frankie’s friend
  • Alex Désert as Donte, an actor who has worked with Sam in a car commercial and in Monsters in the Moonlight
  • Henry Thomas as Robin, a single father and Sam’s boyfriend
  • Judy Reyes as Lala, Sam’s friend
  • Cree Summer as Lenny, Sam’s friend
  • Matthew Broderick as Dr. David Miller, Sam’s therapist with whom Sam becomes romantically involved
  • Janina Gavankar as Nikki, an assistant director on Monsters in the Moonlight
  • Marsha Thomason as Mer Kodis, a talent manager who shows romantic interest in Sam
  • Kris Marshall as Tibor, director of Monsters in the Moonlight
  • Doug Jones as himself, an actor in Monsters in the Moonlight
  • Harrison Page as Walter, Phil’s boyfriend
  • Adam Kulbersh as Murray Fox, Sam’s father who appears as a ghost to her and Duke
  • Judy Gold as Chaya, one of Sam’s friends
  • Mario Cantone as Mal Martone, Sam’s new manager
  • Rosalind Chao as Caroline, Marion’s wife

Better Things Season 6 Expected Plot

The sixth episode of the show is ready for discussion. The final season of the series means that fans will not get to see Sam Fox and her colorful tribe again. Pamela Adlon, the show’s creator, announced the series’ cancellation in October of 2021. She said, “FX has given me the opportunity to communicate my vision of the world through the stories I create. I feel like I’ve been to film school while making this episode. Honor to my team and my actors. And I can’t wait for the general public to rediscover and appreciate “better things.” The end of Sam Fox (for the time being) is here. Attend the after-party with me!

The last season of the show will focus on Sam and her family’s plans for the future. Fans and critics alike have praised the show, but there isn’t much room for a final season given that it wraps up the characters’ stories satisfactorily. Pamela posted a heartfelt Instagram message in April 2022 to say goodbye to the audience and express her gratitude to her staff for all of their hard work. Considering the foregoing, it seems unlikely that a sixth season of “Better Things” will be produced.

Fans may, however, have a second chance to meet their favorite characters if the show’s creators decide to revive or spin off the series in the future. The production team and the network’s intentions will determine how likely that is. We must accept that the comedy-drama series has ended for the time being.


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