Berserk: the Hand of God will terrify you in this breathtaking design

The dark fantasy tale of Kentaro Miura has been going on for years. Gatsu's journey in Berserk mainly revolves around his revenge against Grifis, a former ally who has succumbed to the desire to conquer the world by becoming the fifth and final member of the Hand of God. After a ritual, nothing was the same in that world.

Since that tragic day of the Eclipse, Gatsu has sworn revenge against his former partner and faces monsters day after day. For its part, Grifis is instead enjoying his new role and has returned to being the White Hawk that has conquered many kingdoms and lands from the hands of others. To observe from above the deeds of the boy there is the rest of the Hand of God, consisting of the four shady characters Slan, Void, Urik and Conrad.

The last four we saw them little in Berserk, while Femto obviously made more appearances for the bond with Gatsu. The fan Dave Rapoza, however, decided to devote himself to the complete quintet for his particularly excellent design. At the bottom of the news you can see the tweet with the fan drawing that it contains in a single image Slan, Void, Urik, Conrad and Femto with the red and black eclipse behind them. A truly detailed and almost realistic design that adds mysticism and darkness to Berserk's figures.

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Another fan instead dedicated his drawing to Zodd and Gatsu, while the original mangaka Kentaro Miura is focusing on the next chapter of Berserk.


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