Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll

Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll

stops the pain caused by arthritis

helps in increasing blood flow

cleans out arteries and veins.

helps in lowering blood sugar level naturally.

has a high degree of antioxidants which also prevents cancer.

stronger body immune system that helps in fighting against various bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

lowers cholesterol levels effectively without using any side effects drugs or steroids.

reduce inflammation from the joint area & relieves body ache caused by arthritis. -aids in preventing constipation problems naturally thus enhancing bowel movement better than before.

also prevent liver or kidney stones formation naturally, due to its strong antioxidant properties it is used as a food supplement. -reduce the risk of heart attack by cleaning up arteries from blockage naturally. -protects from flu and colds due to its powerful anti-bacterial properties.

enhances skin complexion and helps in the treatment of acne & pimples.

reduces eye strain and helps in the treatment of conjunctivitis.

add to your daily diet can remove stains from teeth.

helps in weight management without using any side effects slimming pills or supplements. aids in proper digestion, assimilation, and absorption of food thus prevents from stomach problems such as indigestion, bloating gas, acidity, etc.

improves mental health as well as mood swings because chlorophyll contains magnesium which is essential for mental health & well-being. -lowers cholesterol by converting it into a soluble form that is removed naturally by kidneys.

aids in the proper development of bones and teeth because it contains calcium.

harmonize pH levels which are essential for healthy body function. -improve sleep patterns, reduce stress, anxiety, depression, etc. due to its amino acid content tryptophan which is essential for the production of serotonin hormone which induces relaxation and peacefulness.

increase blood oxygen levels thus producing more hemoglobin thus helping in faster-wound healing because chlorophyll helps in faster cell growth & tissue repair.

helps in boosting the immunity system, thus fighting against various allergies caused due to environmental pollutants or food items.

prevents various infections, diseases & enhances the overall health of human beings.

helps in detoxification of the body by removing harmful toxins naturally.

fights against free radicals which are the root cause for the aging process and many other major problems like heart attack, paralysis, etc.

liquid chlorophyll:

liquid chlorophyll is the best source to obtain all essential nutrients & chemical components, there are two types one is with sweetener added (like stevia) & other without any artificial sweetener or preservatives, both are equally effective but if you want pure liquid chlorophyll without any additives then add stevia as a natural sweetener because it has no impact on blood sugar levels. You can also add some mint or lemon juice.

liquid chlorophyll with stevia:

you can also avoid the taste of taking liquid chlorophyll by mixing it with your daily green juice which you consume, thus making your drink more delicious & healthy…

mint, lemon & lime juice mixture:-you can take pure liquid chlorophyll without adding any kind of sweetener, just add some mint, lemon, or lime juice to it then it turns into a tasty refreshing drink that is free from all contaminants & side effects.

Where to buy pure liquid chlorophyll:

If you want to purchase 100% pure liquid chlorophyll with stevia ( no additives) then I would like to recommend GKI health products who are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in Australia, the UK, Canada, etc. Their liquid chlorophyll with stevia is not only pure but also organic certified which contains 100% natural ingredients & free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or any other harmful chemicals that may harm your health…

Taking chlorophyll at night:

I was told by someone who has nothing to do with anything that I may be able to help. His father had a bad heart, the doctors could not cope with it. He turned to homeopathy, trying one remedy after another.

At last, he got results from one of our remedies, but only by taking it at night. Apparently, you can saturate your whole system with active ingredients if you take them before bedtime… No need to say that this information is useless to people who have jobs and can’t stay home all day long….

!! The reason for the successful therapy result is because blood circulation slows down during sleep thus enabling more time for chlorophyll molecules in food substances consumed earlier in the day to be carried via venous blood to the heart.

As a former sufferer of anemia, one who was once incapacitated by it and cured by eating leaves from a tree in Florida USA called the ‘Pigeon Berry Tree’, I have been researching this subject for more than 20 years.

I have found out quite a lot about chlorophyll:

The Pigeon Berry Tree is also called the ‘Blighia sapida’ tree, and what I discovered was that its leaves contain the highest source of natural pure water-soluble chlorophyll known to man! Its leaves can cure anything, however severe or chronic it might be. It’s even more potent than spirulina which is 70% pure protein but mainly useless because it has no chlorophyll in it.

The nearest thing to pigeon berry leaf is wheatgrass, but again it only contains 5% or less concentrated chlorophyll than pure pigeon berry leaves do. These are just two examples of many plants that contain significant amounts of chlorophyll.

To absorb chlorophyll from green vegetables you have to boil them for a long time so that they lose about 80% of their mineral content before eating.

They say the best way is to take it in tablet form, but if you eat lettuce leaves daily, after boiling them first and draining off the water thoroughly, then that will provide you with all sorts of minerals as well as a good dose of active ingredients… Chlorophyll is very easily assimilated by the body because it’s already broken down into tiny particles for its ease of absorption.

Pigeon berry leaves are just one example out of many thousand that contain an abundance of active ingredients because they absorb minerals from the ground where they grow, and these tiny particles become part of the plant’s structure.

The reason chlorophyll is not bio-degraded in the body is that it’s a pigment, and our body has no mechanism for breaking those down. Pigments are usually heated sensitive and they dissipate by heating them. Chlorophyll on the other hand is actually strengthened when heated because it becomes more concentrated…

That’s why boiling lettuce or any green vegetable for that matter will increase its nutritional values! The only problem is that 70% of all minerals have been drained off with the water after boiling these vegetables so most people living in cities where they rely on getting their minerals from food sources instead of from groundwater supplies will not have strong bones or teeth anymore.

This information applies to leafy green vegetables, even spinach, which has high iron content but it’s not absorbable without sufficient quantities of active ingredients i.e. minerals, present in the body.

Another thing I learned is that there are certain foods you cannot eat at all if you want to cure anemia! Any animal food products, for example, meat and eggs, will increase your red blood cell count because they contain high amounts of iron that the body needs to oxidize to change into hemoglobin. So eating this kind of food will actually make your condition worse!

If you’re serious about curing this disease then go vegan… But it requires some effort because most people cannot do without their tea and coffee with milk every day. It won’t be easy giving up anything so addictive as caffeine or animal products, but if you want to get well you will have to make it your goal in life no matter how difficult it may seem.

You can do it if you truly believe that there’s nothing wrong with giving up all the above-mentioned substances… You will feel so much better for doing it and you’ll be surprised at how much energy you have just by changing your diet because I know from experience!

This is not being written here as medical advice because I am not a qualified person in this field of research. It’s just my own findings that I’ve discovered over many decades of studying chemistry, biology, geology, nutrition, etc.

I was able to cure myself of anemia and other health problems just by doing research into the origins of these diseases. I’ve been looking for a book about this subject matter since I recovered from my anemia but everything I read is either too technical or it’s written in a way that nobody can understand because medical books seem to be aimed at people who have studied medicine rather than writing for ordinary people, so here goes…

There are two main types of food elements required by living cells in order to function properly. One type contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen which has been processed from air and water. That type of food element is known as carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates consist of sugars, starches, and cellulose material that derive their energy from the sun by a process of photosynthesis. The other type of food element required to keep living cells functioning properly is known as proteins. They derive their energy from carbohydrates and can be traced back to a common origin which is seawater.

This means that all those strange-sounding chemical names found on food products you buy in your local shops have been derived from the same source i.e… seawater which formed during the geological period known as ‘The Jurassic’. It was somewhere between 150-200 million years ago when the first-ever cell came into existence as a result of electrolysis caused by lightning strikes!

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