Benefits of Kettlebell Swings

Benefits of Kettlebell Swings

Swing in the front, in the back, and in between hunched over is a full-body movement that can be best described as being similar to jumping with weights in your hands. Anyone who has ever played any kind of handball or racquetball knows how strenuous these sports are on your entire body.

The kettlebell swing is very similar except you’ll get even more benefit out of it by doing multiple reps instead of only one at a time like you would with handball or racquetball. If you’ve ever done any kind of cardio circuit workout programs like P90X, Insanity, T25, or Asylum then you know what I’m talking about when I say this exercise provides an excellent type of interval training for your cardiovascular system.

More specifically, the kettlebell swing can be performed with almost any amount of weight you choose to use. If you are just starting out then I recommend using a lighter weight, anywhere from 8-16kg or 15-35lbs is fine for this exercise. The key to remember here is that you should always make sure not to overdo things and cause injury before your muscles and ligaments can handle it.

This is especially true if you choose to use heavier weights like 24kg (53lbs) and more. Just because someone else can lift more than you doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of doing the same workout they did; it means that they have trained their body for that specific movement while yours has not yet adapted.

In order to prevent injury during this exercise, I suggest that for the first few workouts you perform a set of 10-15 reps and rest a minute or two between sets. Once your muscles begin to adapt and get stronger then performing multiple sets with heavier weights is perfectly fine.

Swing Benefits:

Since the movement in this exercise requires you to have momentum going from one side to another it causes constant tension on all of your muscle groups throughout the duration of each swing until it ends up back where it started.

This makes the kettlebell swing very useful as an assistance tool for almost any other strength training exercise because instead of using lighter weight dumbbells or barbells which only target specific parts of your body, swinging a kettlebell throughout the entire exercise will not only build up the muscle you are targeting but also muscles that would otherwise be neglected.

It can also be used to strengthen your core because you’ll have to use it along with every other muscle in your body to keep the momentum going through each repetition.

However, don’t think that just because this is a grip-intensive exercise means it is limited to building strength in your forearms and hands. You see, it is very similar to rock climbing when you are swinging the weight from side to side because as soon as you let go of one hand then all of your weight immediately goes onto that hand until you grab hold of the handle again.

makes it an excellent shoulder, biceps, and forearm exercise all in one.

 Swing Workout Routine:

This is a fun exercise to practice for people who really love sports because you can incorporate it into almost any routine no matter what kind of sport or type of cardio you enjoy doing. For example, if you like the water then grabbing some heavy-weighted waterskis and going out on a lake with a friend would be a great way to enjoy some fun downtime while also getting a workout at the same time.

kettlebell swing transformation:

Exercise is one of the most essential parts of a gym session where one can get into shape and maintain it. Kettlebell swing also known as goblet squat, kettlebell clean and jerk, etc are some type of exercise used mostly for fat loss.

To get better results in a Kettle-bell Swing workout follow these 6 expert tips:

Keep Your Back Straight:

When swinging the weight up you should be standing upright with your back straight not bent or arched. Doing so will decrease stress on all the muscles involved including your spine. This may cause injury to your back if you bend while doing this exercise.

 Look For A Partner: 

Having a partner beside you while doing any exercise will be helpful as they can keep track of your progress and give you immediate advice or guidance as well as push you to perform better.

Keep Your Arms Straight:

When swinging the weight up, avoid bending your arm as it puts a lot of stress on both biceps and triceps which may cause injury to both muscles group.

Be Patient With It:

This is an exercise where slow and correct movement is necessary so do not rush through the movements try doing them slowly for better results. Slowly increasing speed will allow you to increase strength and improve timing.

Don’t Forget To Breathe:

While swinging or lifting any weight one should remember that breathing is an important part of all kinds of exercise, breathing in oxygen will help you relax your muscles and exhaling helps you to tighten them. Try to take a big breath before swinging the bell up and then releasing it while going down.

Watch Your Swing:

While doing the kettlebell swing one should keep their eyes on the bell or where actually they are aiming. This will help them stay focused on what they are doing instead of looking at the moves your trainer is making.

To get better results to do a Kettlebell workout for 10 minutes 5 times a week. You can also check some youtube videos for more guidance if these tips did not work out, I am sure they would. Many people use this technique and get excellent results but still if you have a doubt you can consult a personal trainer for better guidance.

100 kettlebell swings a day:

Kettlebell swings are one of the best exercises to lose weight and increase strength. This is because it works out all your core muscles like back, abs, glutes (butt), leg muscles, hamstrings, etc. For this exercise, you need a kettlebell that weighs between 8-15kgs depending on your body weight.

100 kettlebell swings a day will help to strengthen your whole body by working the right muscle groups for fat loss and toning skin at the same time. It has been seen that doing this workout often causes more flexibility so if you have restricted motion in any joints or ligaments due to some injury then 100 kettlebell swings a day will certainly help you with your problem as well along with being an effective fat burner.

To do 100 kettlebell swings a day follow these steps:

Get The Right Weight:

The first step in doing this workout is to get the right weight in your Kettlebell. If it is too heavy then you will not be able to do all 100 reps at one time so try getting a lighter one, if it’s too light then you can go for a heavier one without causing yourself any kind of injury.

You are the best judge of the weight that will suit you after trying out different weights so take suggestions from your trainer or instructor but never forget to use your own judgment when picking up the right weight for yourself.

Find A Spot With Enough Space For Movement:

Another important thing that you should keep in mind is to find a spot where you can swing your arms freely without hitting anything. If the only option you have is a small space then make sure that there are no obstructions or poles around which could cause injury.

Keep Your Mind-Set To Do It For 10 Minutes:

When doing this workout for more than one time, many people get bored and tired of doing it but if you remain focused on what you are doing and concentrate on every movement then finishing 100 reps will not be that difficult for you as your body would have got used to it.

Ensure Correct Form And Technique:

When swinging the weight up, avoid bending your arm as it puts a lot of stress on both biceps and triceps which could lead to an injury. Always keep your core tight, back straight, and do not arch it as well.

Do not swing the weight too fast otherwise, you will end up using momentum instead of strength which could also cause injury in your shoulder or elbow because that’s where most people suffer from pain after doing 100 kettlebell swings a day.

Don’t Forget To Breathe:

While swinging or lifting any weight one should remember that breathing is an important part of all kinds of exercise, breathing in oxygen will help you relax your muscles and exhaling helps you to tighten them. Try to take a big breath before swinging the bell up and then releasing it while going down.

Watch Your Swing:

While doing 100 kettlebell swings a day, you also need to ensure that your core remains flexible and loose. The best option would be to watch yourself in the mirror so that you can have a better look at your stance while swinging the weight up without arching your back or putting too much pressure on anyone’s muscle group.

Do Not Use A Weight Belt:

Many people use belts while doing this workout because they think it helps them with stability but research has shown that wearing a belt reduces the pressure of abdominal muscles by almost 30% which is not suitable if you want to lose belly fat along with strengthening all other muscles of your body.

Try To Add More Weight After Some Time:

Once you are done with this routine and have tried different weights, you will be able to judge the best weight that suits your body’s requirements. If you can do 100 swings easily then try increasing the weight as much as two pounds as it will help you tone up those muscles even further.

Work Out Different Parts Of Your Body Too:

While doing this workout for a long time causes pain in one particular area like shoulders and elbows but if you work out other parts of your body too like legs and back by doing squats and deadlifts etc then it will stabilize your joints making them strong enough to endure any kind of stress caused by lifting or swinging kettlebells.

Always Warm Up And Cool Down:

Try not to start with 100 swings without warming up as it will not only cause pain in your muscles but also cause injury to joints, ligaments, and tendons. It is always advised that you do a warm-up before starting any exercise or workout routine so that your muscles can loosen up and be ready for the strain they are going to have to go through during workout sessions.

what muscles do kettlebell swings work:

Kettlebell swings are not just an efficient workout routine to do at home, it is also very beneficial for some muscles. The main muscle which gets worked out here is the core as your body’s balance is continuously shifting due to the swinging motion of the weight which you are holding in your hands.

This causes a lot of stress on abdominals, shoulders, legs, etc but once you have got used to it you will be able to know how much can one handle and what amount will work best for your body type.

How many calories do kettlebell swings burn:

While doing 100 or more reps on this exercise, most people experience fatigue so they cannot continue with their set for too long therefore after every 100 repetitions take a break of 30-60 seconds and continue doing them. This will not only increase your number of swings but also help you lose more calories per set as compared to continuous workout sessions.

Does kettlebell swings burn belly fat:

Many people ask this question that whether kettlebell swings are good for belly fat or not. The answer to this is yes as it helps in losing weight and removing excess flab from all over the body but also gives you six-pack abs by working your core muscles intensely.

Benefits of 100 kettlebell swings:

Improves Your Cardiovascular Endurance:

Swinging 100 pounds throughout the workout requires great endurance so that oxygen supply can be continued without any disturbance to the muscles which are being used, therefore after doing these workouts daily you will notice that your cardio health has improved remarkably because now your heart rate will remain constant even after long periods of work out sessions, leaving your heart healthy and strong.

Increases Stamina And Strength:

On one hand, swinging kettlebells helps you build muscles throughout your body but on the other hand, it also increases stamina which is required to work out for long periods of time without getting tired or exhausted.

So if you are looking forward to workout daily then this exercise routine will help you achieve that goal as it improves your energy levels, recovery times, and recovery between sets so that you can easily do more reps every day.

Burns Body Fat And Improves Fitness:

Swinging kettlebells really helps you lose fat not only from your belly but all over the body including arms, legs, butt, etc. Also, after doing these workouts regularly for at least two weeks you will notice a huge difference in your fitness level because your arms will become stronger and more toned, your legs will be more agile and they can move faster without getting tired so overall this exercise routine is great for improving your fitness level.

So these were some of the benefits of kettlebell swings and how many calories one can burn by doing this exercise on daily basis. I hope you liked reading my article and if you have any questions then please do ask me in the comments section down below.

Also, after doing any kind of workout give your muscles enough time to rest so that they can recover properly because no muscle improvement or growth will take place unless you nourish them with proper food at night.

Side effects of kettlebell swings:

Back Pain:

Swinging kettlebells for longer periods of time can sometimes cause back pain in some people because it requires them to bend repeatedly in order to swing the weight. Also, when you are at the top of your swing you need to bend down quickly which adds up stress on the spine therefore if you have a history of having any back problems then I would recommend that you take professional guidance before doing these workouts or perhaps reduce the number of reps and sets per workout session.

Shoulder Injury Or Strain:

If you have weak shoulders or they are not flexible enough then swinging too much weight can cause injury or strain in the shoulder joint therefore try using a lighter weight first until your shoulder muscles become stronger and more flexible.

Also, if you are having any shoulder pain then it would be better to avoid these workouts for some time and maybe look into doing other exercise routines that don’t require swinging weights.

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