Benefits of Elderberry and its Recipes

Benefits of Elderberry and its Recipes

Elderberry (Sambucus) is one of the most abundant sources of phytochemicals; around 50 different types have been identified, including powerful antioxidants. Like all berries, the elderberry contains compounds that are high in ellagic acid, which has antitumor activity and also inhibits the mutagenicity of certain carcinogens.

The leaves of the elderberry are used in the production of Sambunex, a highly biologically active extract containing flavonoids and procyanidins. It is notable for activating natural killer cell activity and enhancing the immune system. Clinical studies have confirmed its effects against flu viruses such as H1N1 (swine flu), influenza virus, and herpes viruses such as Epstein-Barr virus.

In addition, elderberry is high in vitamins A and C, as well as potassium. It also contains many different minerals such as zinc, iron, copper, and chromium.

As an immune booster: Elderberry boosts the activity of white blood cells which fight infection.

Elderberry Benefits for skin:

Remedy for skin diseases:

Elderberry fruit and seeds can be used as remedies for skin diseases such as dermatitis, blisters, and boils. For the treatment of these conditions, elderberry has been used since ancient times. The effectiveness is due to components such as tannins and flavonoids present in this plant.

They possess anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in dealing with dermatitis. The tannins work by tightening the skin tissues and prevent any external molecules or infections from entering inside the body through skin pores. When used for external application, elderberry juice is an ideal treatment for blisters, boils, acne, burns, wounds, insect stings, and other skin-related problems.

Even the elderly are able to enjoy elderberry benefits for skin! There are many homemade remedies using elderberries that can be applied to the skin for different purposes. For example, the juice of berries is beneficial in improving blood circulation while applying ointments or gels prepared from this fruit helps in mitigating several types of dermatitis.

Elderberry benefits for the skin can also be achieved by making use of its flower and roots as herbal tea. This tea contains several minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that help in maintaining the youthfulness of the skin and enhance the glow.

The different ways to enjoy elderberry benefits for the skin:

An elderflower syrup which is easy to prepare and has a sweet taste can be used as an alternative to conventional syrups. Add this elixir to drinks or use it as a facial mask that will help improve the complexion. Elderberry face masks are popularly used to treat sunburn, acne, blemishes, wrinkles, and other skin-related problems.

You can also use the roots of this plant as a face wash. Prepare an infusion by boiling roots in water, strain it, and use the juice on cotton balls to wipe your face to make it glow with health.

You can even use elderberry benefits for skin by making a paste from dried berries which can be applied to blemishes to make them disappear.

From all the ways to enjoy elderberry benefits for the skin, I would recommend using fruit and root as a herbal tea; it’s not only safe but also very effective. Moreover, it is readily available and can be consumed by everyone – even children!

Here are few recipes:

1 tablespoon of dried flowers.

1 teacup of boiling water.

Cover the cup and steep for around 15 minutes before straining.

Drink two cups per day to enjoy elderberry benefits for the skin.

I personally like using flower heads as they are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, tannins, etc. You can also use dried bark or roots to prepare tea.

If you don’t want to make your own elderberry benefits for skin, there are many other ways to get the best results without spending too much. I would recommend using MonaVie Active – a dietary supplement made with freshly pressed juices of 18 wild berries including elderberries!

Elderberries have been recommended by many dermatologists to treat a number of skin problems such as dermatitis, blisters, boils, acne, sunburn, etc. MonaVie Active™ is made using these berries using a special technology called High-Pressure Processing (HPP), which ensures that all the nutrients present in the juice are intact and remain fresh for a longer duration.

This product can be used to counteract many skin-related problems. I have personally started consuming this supplement and can already see the difference in my skin condition. It has helped improve the texture of my skin and reduced acne breakouts as well!

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