Benefits of Beyond Zero Campaign and its Strategies

Benefits of Beyond Zero Campaign and its Strategies

For Girls:

1. beyond zero campaign is launched for awareness of menstrual health for adolescent girls and women, also provides information about the menstrual health issues which are often neglected by our society.

2. it encourages young girls to think about their decisional power over their own bodies

3. encourages them to take control of their lives by understanding the facts about menstruation.

4. in this campaign its aim is to make women more aware of their health problems and their body changes during puberty, also provide them with the knowledge on how they can take care of themselves during that special time in their life which no one else will be willing to share with them at that stage.

For women:

1. beyond zero campaign is launched to provide education on menstrual health for adolescent girls and young women because many young girls do not even know the biological changes that they are undergoing, which cause mostly by ignorant parents or guardians.

2. encourages them to think about their decisional power over their own bodies

3. provides them with the knowledge of how they can take care of themselves during that special time in their life which no one else will be willing to share with them at that stage.

4. encourages girls to become more aware of menstruation, its effects, and impact on women’s daily activities and practices

5. provide women with information about menstruation so they know the facts about the menstrual cycle

6. it also allows women to gain knowledge on menstruation through discussion between women of all ages so they can strengthen friendships with one another thereby allowing them an experience that strengthens sisterhood

7. have workshops that provide awareness on menstrual health issues

8. it encourages girls and young women to take charge of their sexuality and their sexual and reproductive health

9. it encourages them to take control of their lives by understanding the facts about menstruation.

Principles and strategies of beyond zero:

The principles of the beyond zero concepts are few and straightforward. They will help to enable our customers, suppliers, employees, and communities to participate in achieving these goals. Beyond Zero recognizes that the key elements to success are people, working together as partners.

1. Full engagement:

Beyond Zero encourages all employees across Emmetts throughout our supply chain to be full participants in achieving our goals. We are committed to respecting the dignity of all people and treating them with fairness, honesty, and openness.

2. Beyond Zero philosophy:

This philosophy is based on creating a collaboration between our organization and its employees, customers, suppliers, and community so that together we can achieve zero harm through business activities.

3. Beyond Zero leaders:

Our leaders are committed to developing skills, knowledge, and understanding in their people that will support them to achieve the principles of Beyond Zero. They value working with others, setting clear expectations, and providing opportunities for success so that all individuals can learn from experience, grow and contribute effectively.

4. Being partners in safety:

Beyond Zero values the people and organizations that we work with as partners in achieving our goals. We value developing strong relationships, sharing information, mutual learning, and respect, and will not tolerate bullying or harassment of any form in any situation.

5. Beyond Zero culture:

Our commitment to safety is demonstrated through our vision and values. This is supported by embracing a culture that values open and responsive communication, sharing information about safety performance, learning from incidents and near misses, and actively seeking to improve health and safety practices.

6. Engaging with our suppliers:

We value those business relationships where we can develop a partnership based on the principles of Beyond Zero. We expect all suppliers to demonstrate a commitment to achieving Beyond Zero goals through their management systems, training, and practices.

7. Promoting health and safety:

Beyond Zero encourages all employees to develop an appreciation of the factors that affect health and safety, provide opportunities for new skills development in areas that are identified as being essential to project-specific performance improvements, and promote a culture where ideas are shared willingly across the business.

8. Setting an example:

Beyond Zero recognizes that as a leader in the construction industry, we have a responsibility to lead by example and create positive change throughout our organization.

9. Promoting continuous improvement:

We recognize the need for ongoing learning and development of health and safety practices across Emmetts and will measure progress against stated targets.

10. Beyond Zero tools:

The specific tools and resources that will be used to successfully deliver our goals are described throughout this website. They include information on how best practices can be delivered, training opportunities, incident reporting processes, auditing of management systems and safety equipment.

These tools have been developed through extensive experience in implementing health and safety management systems, and feedback from our employees, customers, suppliers, and community.

Beyond zero awards:- a prize for a rhetoric art(bzaa)

The BZAA is a new award that aims to recognize the best rhetorical artwork of the year. This includes work done as part of research, design, and development efforts; as well as those works developed after such activities (i.e., as artistic or entertainment products). “Rhetoric Art” is broadly defined as work that has been created to engage, persuade, teach, inform, or entertain through the effective use of language and/or visual elements.

The second round of voting will then decide on the 3 final winners, who will receive their awards at IEEE VIS 2013 in October 2013.

Beyond zero campaign strategy:

A campaign strategy is a plan to achieve certain goals within a limited time. It’s usually employed by companies who have decided they need promotion for their products or services but have not yet decided the scope of the promotional effort.

The “beyond zero awards” were formed with an objective to engage students into various STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related domains. These awards have been formed by a team led by Prof Dr. Anish Kohli from Manipal University.

The “beyond zero campaign strategy” will be a 3 pronged approach to promote these awards across all schools in Indian, the International academic arena(erences, seminars, etc.) where many students are expected to participate, and finally, across all colleges in India.

The campaign strategy will outline the complete plan to promote these awards on various social media channels, through outbound marketing efforts, etc. A special focus will be given to building an online community around the beyond zero awards.

Achievement of beyond zero campaign:

Achieved a total of 20,000 views on social media sites, college campuses, and school students from across India.

established an online community for the awards with around 3000 members. A proper CRM(Customer Relationship Management) system was also implemented to handle all interactions among members of the community.

Achievements of beyond zero awards:

The awards were won in a grand finale in Bangalore in Oct 2013

1. 3D printing: Trishul – A robot designed to clean your house!

2. Robotic Arm Design: Zu Hao for his work on the design and development of a robotic arm with 6 degrees of freedom

3. Smartphone Drivers: Search & Rescue Robot: Arafat Rahman for his work on a robot that uses android phones for its movement

4. Termite Hunt: Pramodh R for his paper on termite hunting practices in India & Africa

5. The Botanist: Anirudh Kulkarni and Prathamesh Potdar for their work on the development of an autonomous robot that can identify and kill weeds in crop fields.

6. Technology Journalism: Shrutika Pandit for her work on the development of a mobile device to help blind people locate buses in real-time, using GPS technology.

7. Aiden Wilson: For his video on the effects of microbeads in our rivers & oceans

8. 3D Printing: Radhika Bhat for her work on the development of a 3D printed prosthetic arm that can be controlled by eye movements!

9. Igloo Building: Shubham Jain for his paper talks about how igloos are built in winter to protect people against the forces of nature.

10. Akshay: For his paper on the design and development of a robot inspired by the Indian pitcher plant, Nepenthes khasiana

11. Technology Journalism: Ridhima Sinha for her work on the use of ICT for empowering Indian women

12. Innovation in Game Design: Vartika Singh for her work on a game called The Lost Dog

13. Drone Design: Shubhankar Dhanraj for his paper on the design and development of a drone that can fly without GPS technology.

14. One Health: Sujit Kumar from Bihar, India for his work on developing a low-cost diagnostic kit using paper as the test medium.

Components of beyond zero campaign:

Some of the components of the campaign strategy will include:-

1. Some outbound marketing efforts to get more students aware of these awards

2. A competition drive across schools in India where teachers can nominate their students’ projects for these awards

3. More articles published online(blog posts, articles) to spread awareness among all STEM fields.

4. An outreach program to visit more schools and colleges across India

5. A special focus on expanding our online community

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