Benefits of Behind the Neck Pulldown

Benefits of Behind the Neck Pulldown

1. Increase strength in your lats

2. Improved range of motion in your lats

3. Get a bigger stretch on the lats

4. This exercise helps to develop a V taper from shoulders down to the waist

5. It’s good for shoulder health as it keeps the shoulder stabilized and stops its internal rotation

6. It will help you gain more control over your scapulae

7. This exercise can be performed with varying grip widths 8… More about the benefits of behind-the-neck pulldown.

1. Increase strength in your lats

2. Improved range of motion in your lats

3. Get a bigger stretch on the lats

4. This exercise helps to develop a V taper from shoulders down to the waist

5. It’s good for shoulder health as it keeps the shoulder stabilized and stops its internal rotation

6. It will help you gain more control over your scapulae

7. This exercise can be performed with varying grip widths

Behind the neck, pulldown muscles worked:

the rear delt is a difficult muscle to isolate and many people find that they suffer from elbow or shoulder pains when using behind the neck variations. there are several reasons for this.

first of all, good form is important as the poor form will only increase your chance of injury and secondly, small stabilizing muscles such as those responsible for balance and coordination (known as synergists) also contribute to the contraction so it can be difficult to fully activate just one muscle at a time.

the best way around this is to use a movement that doesn’t involve the shoulder blade and still recruits the rear delt. this can be accomplished by pulling down with your hands but behind the neck. as you bend over, stretch out your arms, and then contract as you pull downwards on a fixed point either in front of or above your head.

Possible injuries of behind the neck, pulldown:

because the lats, biceps, and rear delts are three major muscles that involve movements that require an oblique (rather than a linear) action (the shoulder blades more than the hips), they can all be used in exercises where either resistance or momentum is employed to gain variety in your training sessions.

but some types of actions may be risky for your shoulders so if you have existing injury, pain or weak joints then avoid exercises with momentum or weight.

behind the neck pulldown exercise is one of those so it’s better to leave these types of workouts for last.

Behind the neck pulldown machines:

the position of the body and the type of resistance that is required for this type of weight training place stress on your shoulder which can create serious injury if the incorrect technique is used or if you’re just having a bad day. you should start with just bodyweight, then use cables and finally progress to barbells and dumbbells while always maintaining good form.


this exercise works mainly biceps but also involves some other supporting muscles such as forearms, shoulders & trapezius.  behind, neck, pulldown using cable machine will not give the desired result if done without supporting muscles. so do it with supporting muscles along with the main muscle group.

the biceps are located on the front of your upper arm. they’re made up of two muscles – the shorter, more slender ‘inner’ head and the larger ‘outer’ head. both perform actions that help to rotate the forearm so that the palm faces upwards (supination) or downwards (pronation).

therefore, exercises that involve these actions will work your biceps muscles. behind neck pulldown exercise involves supination at initial part then it changes into elbow flexion & finally ends with wrist or finger flexions which gives bicep workout. some other important factors for this muscle:-

1-if you can do high reps without weight, you’re not doing it right! if you can’t lift heavy loads for low reps, you’re just wasting your time even if your technique is good.

2-do does not use momentum to assist in lifting the weight because this diminishes tension on the muscle.

3-to get peak contraction at peak exercise position, flex (bend) at the elbow to 90 degrees only while holding weight still at the top.

4-there are many other important things like the full range of motion, controlling through entire rep &, etc… but I think by now you got the main idea behind it.

1-standing biceps curl:

one of the most popular & basic exercises for these muscles with a simple technique that is effective.  the weight can be further increased by doing it from a standing position, with your back against a wall, or with one leg

2-alternate dumbbell curl:

to work your biceps from different angles & to develop balance, you should try the alternate dumbbell curl. if you have shoulder problems then use preacher bench because in this way it becomes easy.

3-concentration curls:

for maximum overload on your biceps muscles, try concentration curls. they involve very heavy weights and require excellent body control & strength in the core muscles/back & also help develop strong forearms that assist in lifting heavyweights.

4-preacher curl:

place yourself on a preacher bench, grip the barbell & then lift it off. this is one of the most difficult exercises for biceps because you have to use a lighter weight than other exercises and maintain good form at all times. therefore do not perform it if your shoulders are injured or weak otherwise injury may occur during exercise.

5-hammer curl:

this exercise can be done either by standing or sitting down on an inclined bench that has back support. hold the dumbbells with palms facing each other (hammer grip) and keep your upper arms vertical throughout the lift but flexed at 90 degrees at the bottom position only while keeping your lower back against the backrest.

6-alternating dumbbell curl:

the alternating dumbbell curl is another great biceps exercise that works your entire upper arm and leads to a thicker appearance. you should hold one weight in each hand, bend at the elbow and lift it up slowly while keeping your upper arms vertical. bring the weight close to your chest or chin then lower it slowly then repeat with other arms.

7-rope hammer twist curl:

this is an unusual but highly effective way of working your biceps muscles. keep feet apart slightly wider than shoulder-width & knees slightly bent, holding a rope overhand grip behind the head with elbows out to sides & palms facing forward. join both hands together by intertwining fingers of both hands. now using power from biceps, twist wrists so palms face each other & lift hands up & down.

Behind the neck lat pulldown Reddit:

the lats, or latissimus dorsi, is a large triangular muscle that begins at the iliac crest of the hips and attaches to the thoracic vertebrae of the middle back. as you might imagine, this muscle is responsible for extension, adduction, transverse extension, and internal rotation from its broad attachment to the spine. it also acts as a powerful synergist muscle during pushing movements such as bench press or dips.

for performing pulldown movement first attach a straight bar in a high pulley then grab with an overhand grip & keep your knees slightly bent. now lean forward from waist & keep your arms almost fully extended with your back parallel to the floor & retract your shoulder blades by pulling shoulders down & back while contracting your lats. hold for a second at the contracted position & repeat.

Quadricep workout Reddit:

the quadriceps femoris is a large muscle group that makes up the bulk of the muscles on the front of your leg and performs two primary roles: extension of the knee and flexion of the hip, you can work on these muscles with both seated and standing barbell exercises performed in different variations such as wide-stance squats, narrow-stance squats, hack squat machine among others.

Backhand grip pulldown Reddit:

this exercise focuses on developing finger strength while also working your forearms & biceps. it’s one of my favorite pulling movements because your hands are in an extremely disadvantaged position when compared to other pulling exercises.

due to its limited range of motion, your hands can’t help much at the bottom position & you have to produce a high amount of force from scratch which is very effective for developing strength.

pullups Reddit:

the pullup is one of the most well-known and effective back exercises for upper-body strength & size because it depends on no equipment at all to perform and hits a large number of muscles including the lats, rhomboids, traps teres major, posterior deltoids, and forearms.

there are many variations but this article focuses on the standard pull-ups where you grasp a bar with an overhand grip shoulder-width apart or slightly wider than that & lift yourself up so your chin goes over the bar & lower yourself slowly back to the starting position.

Bent over dumbbell row Reddit:

the bent-over row is a factoring exercise that works your upper and mid-back muscles as well as biceps, forearms, and rear deltoids. it’s one of my favorite exercises for building thickness in the upper body from top to bottom due to its ability to hit so many different muscle groups at once while also requiring you to produce a high amount of force from scratch which is very effective for developing strength.

Tricep kickbacks Reddit:

this is an isolation movement targeting your triceps which are located on the back of your arm between the shoulder blade and elbow joint. it’s generally performed with lighter resistance involving low weights but higher reps. this type of exercise is best performed on machines or cables to avoid cheating or momentum since you won’t have the use of heavier weights to provide resistance.

Close-grip bench press Reddit:

the close-grip bench press focuses on multiple muscle groups including triceps, chest, shoulders, and upper back with less involvement from your pectoral muscles than the regular bench press.

you can perform it by gripping the bar either with an underhand or overhand grip with your hands shoulder-width apart & lifting it off the rack then lower towards your sternum keeping elbows tucked in throughout movement before pushing back up until arms are extended fully.

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