Beastars Netflix Original, Plot, Cast, Release date

Beastars Netflix Original plot cast release date

The manga belongs to the world of carnivores and herbivores, and when the manga is there then, of course, there will be love, hope, and anxiety. Regoshi is a wolf who is a member of the cherry on academy’s drama club. Although he is a wolf to contrast to his personality, he is compassionate.


In 2016, Itagaki released the BESTERS manga in the weekly shonen champion magazine. There is 12 volume of it which has been published by Akita Shoten on February 8. On the other hand, viz media has licensed the series for North America.

So Blasters is a famous anime series which is under the production of Orange studio. Releasing dates have been announced, and it is going to be released in the next month on Netflix.

The plot of the Beastres

So this world has nothing except full of animals which fall under different category herbivores, carnivores, and their existence simultaneously are indeed important. Regoshi has a very evil look, but his heart is of gold. In the series, he has always followed by fear and despise by other animals, and that kept him away from their lifestyle.

But gradually he finds his place among his classmates who are equally fighting with their insecurities and finds his life completely changed. Every character in this series is so compelling that it has something to offer. Japanese anime has something delicious to provide with every anime.

Cast of the Beastres

  • Junya enoki as Jack
  • Akio Ohtsuka as Gouhin
  • Takeo Otsuka as Collot
  • Yoshiyunki Shimozuma as Voss
  • Fukushi oschiai as Sanou
  • Yuma Uchida as Miguno
  • Naoto Kobayashi as Durham
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto as Kai
  • Takaaki Torashima as Bill
  • Sayumi Watabase as els
  • Genki Muro as Dom
  • Yuichi Oguchi as Kibi
  • Yuko Hara as Shiira
  • Ikuto Kanemasa as Aoba
  • Akane Ochi as Ellen
  • Hibiku Yamamura as Mizuchi

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