Avatar 2, how did Stephen Lang’s Miles Quaritch survive?

At the end of the first Avatar Jake (Sam Worthington) died but was brought back to life within his Avatar Na’vi, while the Grace Augustin (Sigourney Weaver) and the bad Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) apparently died in earnest, but given their announced return to the four sequels we were obviously wrong.

Pandora’s Tree of Souls fails to bring Grace back to life as Na’vi but succeeds in trying with Jake Sully, which means that the Weaver cannot be resurrected by the same natural-spiritual mechanism with which Eywa works his will. There has to be another way, and actually looking at Cameron’s statements, the fact that as early as Avatar 2 they’ll be exploring many of the 13 moons orbiting Polyphemus in addition to Pandora alone, it indicates the presence of other possible return methods, for Grace but also for Quaritch.

Neytiri killed Quaritch, but the almost certain presence of another civilization on Pandora (and beyond) could be the key to solving the mystery of its return. Let’s think about them too like invisible enemies (perhaps inhabited by the ocean) who would now like to conquer the surface, perhaps identifying an ally in Quaritch, having followed his deeds in the shadows during the first chapter. Using then its own variant of the Tree of Souls, these tribals may have been able to bring Quaritch back to life in the form of Na’vi of their kind, using who knows what method, perhaps even taboo, perhaps by sacrificing one of their members to allow Quaritch’s consciousness to inhabit it.

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