Attack On Titan Season 4: About The Anime’s Final Season

Attack On Titan Season 4: About The Anime’s Final Season:

An anime that has garnered name and fame world over, Attack on Titan is gearing up for its 4th season. The cult anime revolves around trained assassins called ‘scouts’ that seek to save humanity from flesh-eating giants named Titans.

Attack On Titan Season 4
Attack On Titan Season 4

The production house of Attack on Titan has announced that the new season of the show is in the works. But sadly with the 4th season, the series is coming to an end.

Read on to know more about the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan.

When Is Attack On Titan Season 4 Getting Released?

You can expect the 4th season to drop somewhere around September to October 2020. It will probably take after the pattern of season 3 and release the season in two halves of around ten episodes each. The second installment of the final season will arrive a few months later, say in early-mid 2021.


The anime will first be released on NHK in Japan with episodes released weekly. You can catch up on subbed episodes on Crunchyroll or Amazon Prime after a few days.


The original manga series by Hajime Isayama still needs a few years to be completed. The anime also hasn’t caught up with the plotline of the manga. The creators of the anime sure have their work cut out for the finale.

The 3rd season ends with the discovery of Eldia and the revelation that other humans still exist. As the scouts reach Eldia, you can expect to see a host of new and old characters. The history of the Titans will be explored, and we will get to see all the puzzles coming into place at last.

An anime lauded by fans and critics alike, it will be interesting to see if the final season of Attack on Titans lives up to the anime world’s high hopes. 2020 couldn’t come sooner.

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