Attack of the Giants 4: two Titans return in the season finale

The conclusion of the first part of The Attack of the Giants 4 has left open several questions that will be at the center of the final episodes of the work of Hajime Isayama. In the meantime, let’s find out what happened in the final scenes of the sixteenth episode.

Everything seems ready for the final challenge of the work, the Marley’s forces in fact they are in Paradis and in a very short time a clash breaks out which will be at the center of future episodes. In particular, Eren and his brother Zeke are ready to face the combined forces of all their opponents, but the arrival of Porco and the Pieck transformation they managed to put the protagonist in difficulty. In particular, the bearer of the Giant Jaw was about to be able to devour Eren, if his plan had been successful he would have found himself to contain within himself the power of the attacking Giant, of that hammer and of the Progenitor Giant.

All that remains is to wait for the next one December month to find out how the bloody battle will end: the second part of the fourth season is in fact still a few months away, leaving the many fans of the anime to recover Hajime Isayama’s manga or to theorize what could be the fate of the protagonists of the series. If you do not know from which number to start following the comic of the Japanese artist, we report you with our news that reveals which chapter of The Attack of the Giants corresponds to the end of the anime.

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