AT&T Provides Free Bundle of Spotify Premium in Wireless Tier

AT&T Provides Free Bundle of Spotify Premium in Wireless Tier

In Next Wireless Tier, AT&T provides free subscription of Spotify Premium to its user. Spotify is team up with the AT&T and this is for a new height of the growth. They will serve the free bundle as well as the promotional offers of Spotify. So next Wireless Tier Might be a little bit costly. They will not charge the whole installment of Spotify. But they can be recovered from price.

at&t logo
at&t logo

For Next Wireless Carriers of Spotify AT&T will serve Unlimited and Premium Plan. This Offer is announced on Tuesday. If we compare with the previous Wireless Tier then this will be the most expensive wireless tier among them. Customers can select the Spotify Premium Subscription, AT&T will offer you seven premium entertainment options. There no Extra Charge you can select among them. More Premium and Unlimited Plans charge the $80 per month for a single line.

So, What will you get under the offers from AT&T?

You have to sign up for Unlimited and Premium Plans to Spotify Premium Subscription. So User can maintain the account from AT&T Tier. And they get the free Entertainment Bundle for Offer through Spotify.

In AT&T Plan you can select the Warner Media’s HBO, Showtime, VRV, Cinemax, Pandora, and Starz. These are the free entertainment bundle option.

Mitch Farber, He is the Vice President of the AT&T’s Consumer and Marketing Department. He Said, “It’s another way we are working to deliver more value to AT&T customers with unlimited wireless and endless entertainment,”

AT&T also added that other wireless tiers give first six-month free trial in their system. After the free trial, Unlimited Entertainment Plans are available in $9.99.

Collaboration Amount

On this Ongoing Collaboration, Deal is not Disclosed yet. But partner AT&T have to give per subscription bounty to partner service provider Spotify. So, In that case, every customer takes the adventures of the offer.

If we just put aside the AT&T and talk about the Spotify Only. Second Quarter of 2019 gets 8 Million Subscribers. So, that does not reach as per the expectation but previously they have reached 106 Million Subscribers. In June, Spotify counts the 232 Million Active users.

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