Ashes of Love Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Ashes of Love Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Is Season 2 of Ashes of Love on the Horizon? Chinese dramas today, like Ashes of Love, are popular worldwide and captivate the hearts of a lot of viewers.

Ashes of Love’s first season debuts on August 2, 2018, and is based on Dian Xian’s book Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost.

Ashes of Love’s story has captured the attention of viewers all around the world since it is full with intense romance and all the elements one would look for in their perfect drama.

The plot centres on Jinmi, an immortal fairy, and the perpetual love triangle she has with two brothers. Because the first season was so compelling, audiences have not yet grown tired of the drama.

Chinese dramas are just as popular as South Korean dramas among the current generation, which is primarily comprised of young people.

Although it is often claimed that Chinese and Korean dramas have similar plots, each entertainment sector has its own unique elements.

You’ll also notice that the majority of Chinese television programmes and films centre on fantastical settings when we discuss the country’s entertainment market. So now in this essay, we’ll discuss the Chinese television programme Ashes of Love.

A 2018 Chinese television programme called Ashes of Love is based on the book Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost by Dian Xian.

The lead positions are played by Yang Zi & Deng Lun. Jiangsu TV hosted the series’ premiere. As of January 2019, Ashes of Love had amassed over 15 billion views.

Ashes of Love, a Chinese television series that premiered in 2018, is based on the Dian Xian novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost.

Deng Lun portrays Xu Feng, while Yang Zi plays Jin Mi, a supporting part. The first installment of the show premiered on August 2 on Jiangsu TV.

The 2018 Chinese television programme Ashes of Love is based on Dian Xian’s book Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost.

Yang Zi portrays Jin Mi while Deng Lun assumes the character of Xu Feng in the key parts. Jiangsu TV premiered the first episode on August 2, 2018.

100 million people watched the first episode in just 15 minutes of it airing. Over 15 billion videos were seen as of January 2019. Here is what we currently know about the show that is a fan favourite:

Ashes of Love Season 2 Release Date

Ashes of Love, one of the most well-known Chinese television dramatic series, was produced by Zhu Ruibin and premiered on August 2, 2018, with 63 fantastic episodes.

Loyal viewers of Ashes of Love have been eagerly awaiting news of the show’s renewal ever since its initial season came to a close.

Ashes of Love boasts one of the greatest ratings across all websites and a sizable audience, however the show hasn’t yet received a second season renewal.

Season 2 of Ashes of Love won’t premiere until after the possible renewal, which is questionable. However, given the show’s substantial fan base, its makers will probably take some time to decide if to renew it for a second sequel.

If all goes as planned, Ashes of Love season 2 might premiere around the start of 2024.

Ashes of Love Season 2 Cast

Yang Zi portrays Jinmi, Deng Lun portrays Xufeng, Luo Yunxi Runyu, Wang Yifei Suihe, Chen Yuqi Liuying, and Zou Tingwei Qiyuan.

Ashes of Love Season 2 Trailer

Ashes of Love Season 2 Plot

Ashes of Love’s plot is chock-full of intrigue, betrayal, and intense love. The Flower Deity Zifen, who has the ability to see into the future, organises a baby shower when she predicts that her daughter would experience a love triangle during the first 10,000 years of her eternal life.

As a result, she gives her daughter Jinmi a pellet who will prevent her from falling in love passionately.

Up until Xufeng of the Fire Realm joined Jimmy’s life, everything within the Flower Realm was going according to plan and smoothly.

Once in the Heavenly Realm, she chased him to meet his half-brother, Runyu, a Night Deity. As both brothers start to fall love with Jinmi, things become awkward.

The brothers’ battle gets underway. After discovering the source of her powers, Jinmi is duped by Runyu and kills Xufeng. In order to exact revenge on Runyu, Xufeng was reborn into the Demon King.

Jinmo attempts to put a halt to the mayhem in this chaotic circumstance by offering herself as a sacrifice. After five hundred years, Jinmi reincarnates as Xufeng finishes his quest to locate his lover.

Fans cry during Ashes of Love’s emotional climax because it is so touching. There is no longer any ongoing story for the upcoming season.

Because the second season was not renewed, the Ashes of Love season 2 storyline is not yet in development.

Therefore, it will be useless to make any predictions about the upcoming Ashes of Love season. We’ll keep you informed with our next piece if the show is renewed in the future.

Shortly after Jinmi’s birth, Zifen, the Flower Deity, passes away. Within ten thousand years after her daughter’s birth, she foresaw that she would have to deal with a significant love trial.

She consequently gives Jinmi an enchanted pellet which prevents her from understanding or being able to convey her passionate love before she passes away.

In the Flower Realm, Jinmi grows up as a low-level immortal. When she encounters the Fire Deity, Xufeng, who elects to reside in the Heavenly Realm, her peaceful life is upended.

After persuading Xufeng to accompany her into the Heavenly Realm, Jinmi encounters Xufeng’s half-brother, the Nighttime Deity Runyu.

In addition, she faces Princess Sui He, who is a close friend of Xufeng’s mother, the Divine Empress, and who Sui He believes will one day wed Xufeng.

Both Xufeng and Runyu become interested in Jinmi, and as a result of the pellet, Jinmi unknowingly gets caught up in a love triangle between both of the brothers, who end up becoming rivals as a result of Jinmi & the Holy Empress’s schemes.

She also learns who she really is: the daughter of both the living Water Deity and the deceased Flower Deity.

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