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As a precaution, I fall in love and no longer go to the program

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There is no doubt that the entertainment world has been seriously affected by the coronavirus pandemic since everyone has taken shelter in their homes to avoid a possible contagion of the disease and although many programs are still broadcasting live, they are trying to take the measures. corresponding precautionary statements.

Oski who has been since the beginning of Falling in love and today is an evening judge was affected and not by coranaviruses, but by a small flu that he contracted, because the examiner immediately went to the doctor to have the test which was negative, although he was unable to attend the program.

He gave me a little flu and cough then I better stay, I already went to the doctor and they told me that it is not coronavirus, Oski said through a video call he made to the program.

Recall that Falling in love is one of the most popular Aztec TV shows and is that since its inception it generated quite a rating for which it has managed to maintain, although this year it could face a new challenge, it is the Warriors program which is produced by Magda Rofríguez, who previously worked at Azteca.

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As if that were not enough Tania Rincón will be the new host so it will give a lot to talk about since for a while she moved away from the small screen to focus on other projects.

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