Army of Thieves 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

‘Army of Thieves’ is a romantic heist comedy that is wonderfully light and fun. It acts as a prelude to “Army of the Dead,” a zombie action movie directed by Zack Snyder. It is set in the early days of the zombie apocalypse and follows Ludwig Dieter, then going by the name Sebastian, as he joins a gang of thieves who target the fabled safes made by master locksmith Hans Wagner.

The movie’s reception after its release ranged from unfavorable to favorable. Both reviewers and viewers complimented its slick design, easy narrative, and entertaining premise. whether you enjoyed ‘Army of Thieves’ and are wondering whether or not there is going to be a sequel, we have the information you need.

Army of Thieves 2 Renewal Status

Army of Thieves 2 would be awesome! I really enjoyed the movie, and I believe there is a lot more room in our world for great tales like this, particularly heist-related ones. A good heist movie simply has something, you know? Even if Matthias Schweighöfer won’t be there, there seems to be a potential that his character will survive Army of the Dead’s events.

This implies that there is absolutely a probability that the remaining characters will appear in Army of Thieves 2, and I honestly believe that this is a very good likelihood.

The Army of Thieves’ Nathalie Emmanuel is excellent, to start with. Emmanuel and Schweighöfer get along well. Guz Khan, Stuart Martin, and Ruby O. Fee were all authors whom I truly liked. The storylines of their characters have so much more to be revealed. We were just given a little glance.

Army of Thieves 2 would be a Netflix need if there weren’t currently other Army of the Dead films in development! More likely, these actors will return to their roles in the next films in this series. And the conclusion of Army of Thieves makes it look that way.

Army of Thieves 2 Release Date

The first season of Army of Thieves, which aired on October 29, 2021, had a 127-minute runtime. The movie is also accessible to a worldwide audience on Netflix. On Netflix, the series is also accessible in Hindi. 6.4 out of 10 on IMDB and 90% on Rotten Tomatoes were given to the movie. Although the program doesn’t have a terrific rating, fans of the first film are eagerly awaiting the second.

The date of Army of Thieves season 2’s release has not yet been officially announced. Neither the streaming service nor the creators have provided a verified comment. We must all wait for the official announcement. The conclusion of the inaugural season occurred a year ago.

Though it seems like there are fewer possibilities for regeneration, we must not give up. The status of the series is still unknown since it has neither been renewed nor canceled. In the not-so-distant future, we could get more information. We may enjoy viewing the first episode till then.

Army of Thieves 2 Cast

Along with Stuart Martin (Brad Cage or Alexis), Ruby O. Fee (Korina), Rolph (Guz Khan), Jonathan Cohen (Delacroix), and Noémie Nakai (Beatrix), ‘Army of Thieves’ also stars Emmanuel and Matthias Schweighöfer, who also serves as the film’s director and reprises his role as Ludwig Dieter or Sebastian. Additionally, the movie’s climax includes sequences from “Army of the Dead” with added material and cameos by Dave Bautista (Scott Ward) and Ana de la Reguera (Maria Cruz).

Its position in the wider timeframe eventually determines the cast of the potential sequel. Schweighöfer will probably show up in it if it comes before “Army of the Dead.” His fate is left unclear in the first movie, however. He may only show up in flashback sequences if the sequel takes place after “Army of the Dead,” proving that his character has passed away. If the sequel takes place after the first movie, Bautista and Reguera won’t be there since their characters are unquestionably gone. The remaining cast members will likely return to their roles.

Army of Thieves Ending

The conclusion of The Army of Thieves is really heartbreaking! Ludwig breaks Siegfried in the back of a moving truck in a dramatic finish. Delacroix appears just as Gwendoline and Ludwig Dieter seem poised to flee on a magnificent boat, just after their first kiss. Delacroix is held at bay by Gwendoline until Ludwig can board the boat and flee. Their love tale comes to an end when she gives herself to rescue him.

We have to presume that Brad, a.k.a. Alexis, Korina, Rolph, and Gwendoline wind up in jail, but they’re going to come out eventually, right? I would love to see a tale like that. I want to see the reconciliation of Rolph, Korina, and Gwendoline.

And just at the conclusion, we get a glimpse of Ludwig Dieter at work at a locksmith business. Ludwig has a brief visit from Scott and Kate Ward, portrayed by Dave Bautista and Ella Purnell. Plans have been made for the Gotterdammerung, the safe that Ludwig and Gwendoline said they would break open together in Las Vegas.

For a chance to breach the safe, Ludwig offers to join Scott’s crew as they explore the now-controlled and zombie-infested Las Vegas. And we are all aware of what comes next. Do we, then?

Army of Thieves 2 Plot

How will Army of Thieves 2 play out? Of course, it will depend on what occurs on Planet of the Dead. But if all goes according to plan, Gwendoline and Ludwig will be reunited, and the whole gang will be back and compelled to cooperate to carry off another grand robbery!

In these movies, there are a lot of things happening in the background. After Planet of the Dead, what comes next will be much more obvious.

Army of Thieves 2 Trailer

Anticipating a season 2 trailer at this time would be pointless since the first season just came out. We must wait for a while. You may enjoy viewing the season one trailer till then.

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