An Attack of the Giants cosplay remembers Petra Ral: photos of the Russian model Ays

Fans of the manga are preparing for the arrival of The Attack of the Giants 139, the final chapter of the long story of Hajime Isayama. The mangaka has created so many characters over the past 11 years, all of which are also taken up by the animated adaptations of WIT and MAPPA. Many of these introduced in the first season are then dead.

The soldiers of the exploratory legion in particular were slaughtered fodder in the hands of Hajime Isayama who repeatedly put them to the test to make them die devoured by giants in a cruel and brutal way. There were also victims in Attack of the Giants who fought to the end without getting scared, like the members of Levi’s team tasked with protecting Eren Jaeger during the events of the first season of the anime.

It was they who gave in under the blows of the Female Giant, and among them there was Petra Ral. The girl was an established member of the quartet and constituted one of the most important groups of the Exploratory Legion. Petra died crushed by a kick from the Female Giant and we now see her lifeless even with the eyes of Captain Levi.

A cosplay on Petra Ral created by Russian model MK.Ays reminds us of the character, much loved by fans of The Attack of the Giants despite his brief presence in the anime. Below is the photo that got almost 30,000 likes.

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