American Horror Story : It Is Possible For This Star To Play Villain In “Death Note 2”!!

Well, there has been no news or updates about the project not including the baggage of paperwork in the last few years. But there is some exciting news for the fans as the series is progressing ahead with the addition of cast. You will have a little surprise to know that this amazing character who did entertain you in the thrilling series “American Horror Story” will possibly be going to appear in the second part. Read about it here.

Will Emma Roberts Play The Character Role?

As per the genuine sources, Netflix is going to be back with the new part of the Scream movie along with confirming Extraction surely to get a sequel. While Emma Roberts is watching the character role of the horror Japanese manga “Death Note 2”. But it is not yet official so there is no much that we can tell you for sure.

It is not sure whether Emma Roberts, star of “American Horror Story” is going to play any character in the series or not. But fans can be happy to know that Netflix is confirming the renewal of the second part of “Death Note”. Also, it is fair to say that fans are not pleasing about the Americanized download of the original material of the series by Wingard. Let us hope that everything will be fine and you can watch the second season soon.

Who Will Return As A Cast?

It can be believable that if Emma Roberts will be playing the character in the “Death Note 2” then it will be more exciting. Because Roberts did perform several characters in different movies and her villain character in “American Horror Story”. She is well-known for her role in Scream queens that fans did enjoy a lot. We can hope for Willem Dafoe, Nat Wolff, and Lakeith Stanfield to return for the cast of the next part for “Death Note 2”.

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