Amazon Echo Buds 2, features, price and technical sheet

At the end of September 2019, Amazon presented us with their Amazon Echo Buds wireless headphones. Since then the technology in wireless headphones has evolved and with it also the models available. Now Amazon has wanted to update its Amazon Echo Buds with a second generation incorporating new and better features.

Second-generation Amazon Echo Buds datasheet

Amazon Echo Buds 2


Headphones: 20.0 x 19.1 x 19.1 mm
Case: 66.8 x 28.6 x 39.1 mm
Total weight: 44.4 gr


5,7 mm


Bluetooth 5.0


Android and iOS


Up to 19.5 hours


USB type C or wireless charging


Gesture control
Active noise cancellation
Fast charge
Wireless charging


From $ 99

New design, new features

The first thing we are going to see in these new headphones from Amazon is a renewed design. Now they are somewhat smaller (20% according to Amazon) and eliminate items that are protruding or apparently unnecessary. A simpler and more organic design to reduce its volume and improve user comfort. The headphones come in black or white.


Once we enter the interior of the headphones we find active noise cancellation improvements. According to the company, the second generation now cancels “twice the noise compared to the first generation.” This is partly due to the new inward and outward facing microphones. That is, they monitor what is heard from outside but also how it is heard inside the user’s eardrum.

Likewise, the headphones have a transparency mode that allows you to listen to the outside live. This mode is activated using Alexa with voice commands, the same happens with noise cancellation, it is Alexa who is responsible for activating and deactivating it. The assistant of course has the functions that it has in other devices such as setting reminders, making calls, making purchases or managing the calendar among other things.


The other important aspect to consider is the battery and autonomy of the headphones. Amazon promises 5 hours of playtime on a single charge, noise cancellation turned on, and Alexa listening turned on. A total of 15 hours if the charging case is added. Without active noise cancellation the autonomy goes up to 6.5 hours and 19.5 hours respectively.

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For charging the headphones there is a 15-minute fast charge that offers 2 hours of playback. As for the charge itself, the case does either by USB-C or by wireless charging if we buy the case that has this way.

Price and availability of the Amazon Echo Buds 2

The new Amazon Echo Buds 2 are available in pre-order on the official Amazon page in the United States. Its price is $ 99.99 for the normal version and $ 119.99 for the version with wireless charging in the case. These prices are temporary and as a promotion, then it will go up to $ 119.99 and $ 139.99 respectively. There is still no price in euros.

Headphones can be get white version or black version. Although they can already be reserved, they will be available for sale and delivery will be from next May 13, 2021.

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