Almost Happy Season 2: All the details everyone should know

Almost Happy Season 2: All the details everyone should know

Almost happy is an Argentinian comedy web series which shows a comedian, who is also a radio show host Sebastian Wainraich, who is trying to balance his personal and professional life. The semi biography is written and created by Sebastián Wainraich (who also plays the lead role) along with Hernán Guerschuny as the director. Sebastian Wainraich trying his best to navigate a path on this earth for his upcoming life as he is plagued by a host of problems and got separated from his wife Pilar. But still can’t get over her and their 2 kids.

The story goes as Sebastian attempts to navigate life while tackling with daily issues and his personal life insecurities. In the story, you will find him always searching for the meaning of true happiness. You can always see Sebastian get stuck on the edge of any decision and face the situation of dilemma. Even you can see him taking some incredibly wrong decisions which trouble his life by enhancing his life problems.

When Will it Premiere?

The first season of Almost Happy premiered on Netflix on May 1, 2020. The season consisted of 10 episodes. It’s too early to predict for the next season, but yes, if the series get success, then we can hear something about the renewal of the series in the upcoming month. And if it really happened, we can expect the next season of Almost Happy sometime in 2021.

The cast of Almost Happy:

Almost Happing staring Sebastian Wainraich as the eponymous protagonist Sebastian, Natalie Pérez as Pilar, Sebastian’s ex-wife. Others are Hugo Arana, Adriana Aizemberg, and Peto Menahem. We can expect the entire original cast again in season 2.

This extremely talented cast is the main reason to wait for the next season just after season 1 ended. We can just hope for the best to come!

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