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Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding: Leaked Biggest Clue

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Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding: Leaked Biggest Clue

Finally a Great News For fans of “Alex Rodrguez” and “Jennifer Lopez”!! After Their Engagement in march, FAns were Waiting for their Marriage Dates to be Revealed.

Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez's Wedding
Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding

“Alex” The 44-year-old Sports STar was Engaged to the Famous Singer and Actress “Jennifer Lopez.” They Make such a Lovely Couple that Hollywood World Loves them Both.

“Alex” Gave A huge Clue when he was invited on the American Daytime SHow “Strahan, Sara, and Keek” Broadcast by ABC. Although it was hard For Strahan, Sara, and Keke to Make “Alex” Spill the Tea.

“Alex” Confirmed that he Don’t know anything about what he was wearing, about wedding Place, About Wedding Dates and anything related to His Wedding.

Of course, The Gang Did not buy This and Asked “Alex” to play a Little Q&A about his weddings, also Called “This and That.”

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That Fun Game Made Alex Reveal a Huge Clue about His and Jennifer’s Wedding. Alex Revealed that the Wedding is not going to take place in Dubai. When asked by the 26-year-old Rapper “Keke.”

Alex said he would not get into Revealing the place, but he gave the Clue of Getting Married in a Church.

He did reveal that they both will do a Standard Dance at the wedding. He will Opt for Ballpark Fancy Hors d’ oeuvres for the wedding cuisine.

Fans are excited about the Wedding of “J-Lo” and “A-Ro” Indeed. However, The Release Dates and Place is yet to Disclose.

If you get the chance to be in the Wedding of “Alex Rodriguez” and “Jennifer Lopez.” Would you Take it or Leave it?

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